Unity Diner - Non Profit Vegan Diner in London

When I was planning our trip to London, Unity Diner in Hoxton was on the top of my list of places to eat and we went right after arriving at Euston station. It's a non profit restaurant founded by the incredible Earthling Ed who inspires me daily to be a better human. All of the profits from Unity Diner go directly towards funding the animal rights organisation Surge as well as the development of a brand new rescue sanctuary for animals just outside of London. The cause itself is a reason to visit, but the food... Oh my god... It was absolutely incredible! 

First of all, let me mention the staff - super helpful, polite and the loveliest bunch of people ever! And Ed himself was in the restaurant that evening, but I didn't want to disturb him for a selfie, because I am just too shy. Anyway... What a legend! I have so much admiration for him and the way he carries himself and speaks about veganism and animal cruelty. I will never tire of listening to him.

Onto the actual food and drink... We started with some 'Posh lager' and it was delicious. 

For the starter, we opted for one of the sharing platters - the mixed fried plate (£9.25) with tofish bites, onion rings, cauliflower fried wings and seitan chikken wings served with basil mayo. Yum! Cauliflower wings are one of my favourite dishes and the vegan fish and chikken were so tasty! Great way to try all the fried starters in one go. And the dip was just dreamy!!!

For our mains, we ordered a burger each and I can honestly say, these were the most incredible vegan burgers I have ever had and they actually beat any non vegan burger I've tried in the past too. 

The Moving Mountains Burger (£12.00) comes with a juicy b12 patty, layered with melted cheeze, fried onions, grilled peppers, sun-dried tomato pesto, basil mayo, beef tomato and rocket. All in a pretzel bun. You can add bakon for £1 and as you can see, we opted for the the extra bakon. Yum! I still cannot believe this burger was vegan! The patty is so realistic and so, so juicy and 'meaty' that I would have 100%  thought it was meat if I wasn't in a fully vegan restaurant. I still can't get over it! Every meat eater would be fooled with this and ask for more!

The Surge Burger (£8.50) comes with a cashew & mushroom patty layered with grilled courgette, caRAWmelised red onions, green pesto, ranch mayo, beef tomato and baby gem lettuce, in a charcoal brioche bun. You can add melted cheeze or bakon for an extra £1. I opted for the cheeze. It was such a delicious burger, full of flavour and the patty was just incredible - Scott keeps asking me to recreate it. 

The burgers were a 10/10 and I would travel to London again just to eat them! And a really good size as well. I was so full I wasn't sure if I had space for dessert! You get a lot of each topping inside, so you 100% get your moneys worth.

But of course I had to order a dessert, because YOLO and I won't get a chance to try a vegan cheesecake till my next visit, so ti had to happen!

So I opted for the beautiful Baked American Style Cheesecake (£6.50) served with a strawberry & raspberry coulis. It reminded me a lot of my mums baked cheesecake and I absolutely loved it.Rich and creamy with just the right amount of sweetness. So moreish! It is gluten free as well, which is fab, as more people get to enjoy it.

The decor at the Unity Diner is amazing with an industrial modern feel, loads of greenery and vegan art. 

The most beautiful part of the decor is this mural by @Tallys_Art. Check out her work on Instagram and Etsy.

Overall, Unity Diner was everything I hoped for and more! The food was out of this world and the cause and the people behind it are truly incredible. If you're in London, please check it out and show your support.

Find out more at www.unitydiner.co.uk and on their Instagram.

Sandra xxx

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