Urban Decay Naked 3 and Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Palettes Comparison & Swatches

My 'Urban Decay Naked 2 dupe' post is one of the most popular articles on my blog, along with the 'Naked palette ebay fake comparison'. That's why, after many requests from my lovely readers, I decided to compare the Naked 3 palette to it's brand new dupe - Iconic 3 by Makeup Revolution. I hope you find it helpful/interesting.

I get new comments on my 'Naked Palette Fake' post very often - most of them from girls who tell me that they would rather buy a fake from China than invest in a safe product or find a cheaper alternative. I don't even publish those comments anymore, it's ridiculous! Why would anyone risk their health, eyesight etc for the sake of using a fake makeup product is beyond me! That's why I am always telling everyone that they should just look for a cheap drugstore dupe, if they can't afford the real thing. It won't necessarily be as good as the high end option, but at least you know where it came from. As a massive Urban Decay fan, I feel like all the copies of their Naked palettes from cheaper brands are a bit of a controversial subject, but... not everyone can fork out £37.00 for an eye shadow palette.  I would rather accept the cheap options, than hear about girls having allergic reactions to fake products. I could talk about this subject for ages, but let's get on with the comparison :)

Urban Decay Naked 3 costs £37.00  and Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 costs only £4.00.

I prefer the look of Urban Decay Naked 3, because it feels more luxurious and it comes with a big mirror, but... the simple plastic packaging of Iconic 3 is very sleek and practical and for £4.00, I can't really moan. Both palettes are well made and and finished to a high standard.

Naked 3 comes with a good quality dual ended brush, perfect for applying and blending eye shadows. Iconic 3 comes with a sponge applicator which is fine for applying colour, but not for blending.

Eye shadow quality/formula
No other brand can beat Urban Decay and their eye shadow formula. It's incredible! Naked 3 definitely offers better quality than Iconic 3, but... Makeup Revolution did really, really well with their dupe and I am seriously impressed - think MUA Undressed and Undress Me Too palettes.

Pigmentation/colour payoff/texture/finish:
In terms of pigmentation, both palettes are fantastic. The colour payoff is great, but Iconic 3 has more fallout than Naked 3. As you can see on the photos below, the colours are identical or almost identical, depending on the shade. The only shade that differs a lot is Blackheart - it has a matte base in Naked 3 and it's more of a satin finish in Iconic 3. The rest of the shades are very, very similar in texture and finish.

I find both formulas really easy to work with, with Urban Decay being slightly more buttery and easier to blend, but there isn't a massive difference - this applies to all the matte shades as well.

Lasting power:
The only big difference between the two palettes is the lasting power. Urban Decay eye shadows last on me until I remove them at night and Iconic 3 gives 8-10 hours of wear. It will vary depending on your skin type and those with oily lids might get slightly less wear time out of Iconic 3, than me. With Urban Decay, you simply know that you are getting the best eye shadows on the market and they won't fade throughout the day.

Closeup comparison photos of all swatches:
Left: Urban Decay Naked 3 (Strange, Dust, Burnout), Right: Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 (shades 1,2,3)
Left: Urban Decay Naked 3 (Limit, Buzz, Trick), Right: Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 (shades 4,5,6)
Left: Urban Decay Naked 3 (Nooner, Liar, Factory) , Right: Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 (shades 7,8,9)
Left: Urban Decay Naked 3 (Mugshot, Darkside, Blackheart), Right: Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 (shades 10,11,12)
Comparison with flash. Top - Urban Decay naked 3, Bottom- Makeup Revolution Iconic 3.

Overall, Iconic 3 is a fantastic dupe of the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette and the only downside is the lasting power of the eye shadows. The actual colours are identical with only one shade being slightly different in terms of the finish. If you can't afford Naked 3, don't worry about it and get the cheaper alternative, especially if you don't use eye shadows a lot or you already own many palettes. Just make sure to use a good primer on the lids to prolong wear :) If like me, you are obsessed with Urban Decay, you will probably enjoy Naked 3 more and you won't be disappointed with the lasting power. If you are after a Naked 1 or 2 dupe, check out MUA  Undressed, Undress Me Too and Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 and Iconic 2 palettes. They are very, very similar.

Featured palettes: Urban Decay Naked 3* (£37.00)  and Makeup Revolution Iconic 3* (£4.00)

*PR samples

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