Little Darlings Afternoon Tea at Blythswood Square Hotel Glasgow

On Easter Monday, my family headed to the beautiful Blythswood Square Hotel in Glasgow for Afternoon Tea and we had an amazing time. Zachary and Mia shared the Little Darlings Afternoon tea as well, which was simply adorable. Not gonna lie - Mia was the one not being able to keep her hands off the food.

The afternoon tea is served upstairs, which is a bit more relaxed than the restaurant downstairs in my opinion and more suitable for kids. The decor is simply stunning and you can pick between low and tall tables, chairs and sofas. It feels cosy, but very fancy at the same time.

We sat at a table for 4, with Mia in a highchair and we were offered delicious cucumber water, while being introduced to the selection of teas available. The teas arrived in a lovely box and we were able to smell them to help us choose the right one. 

I had my favourite Earl Grey and Scott opted for Assam. Both were really delicious and I love the fact that they are served traditionally, with a tea strainer.

As Zachary is quite a fussy eater, we ordered very simple sandwiches and wraps for him. Cream cheese and cucumber on white bread and wraps with cheese and tomato. Believe it or not, but he is even fussy with sweet stuff, but as the selection of cakes looked very exciting, he was willing to try things and found it very fun.

I think that the full experience is great, even for fussy kids, as the atmosphere and the effort that goes into the food make it very special. Zac loves our pretend tea parties at home and this was his first proper afternoon tea, so it was pretty awesome!

It was Mia's first time having Afternoon tea as well and she couldn't keep her eyes and hands off the food. She is only 8 months old, so she could only taste small bits of the sweet stuff, but she absolutely loved the cucumber and cream cheese sandwich :) 

She is such a little foodie already! She kept looking around the room, as it was big and bright and she was very well behaved, which was great! She only started acting grumpy right at the end after over an hour, which is perfectly normal for a little baby.

As it was Easter, the macaroons had a cute little chick design on the top and from what I have seen online, the hotel seems to add finishing touches like this for special occasions, which is fab and kids will love it. The Little Darlings Afternoon Tea (£12.95) is just a bit smaller than the adult one, but it is pretty big for a little kid like Zac. It's available for kids under 12 and it's served between 12noon to 5pm.

Starting from the top, the kids enjoyed a mini ice cream cone with candyfloss, fresh strawberries, chocolate brownie with cream and honeycomb and a little fruity macaroon. Can I just say... I tasted the brownie and it was the most amazing brownie I have ever had in my life! Oh god... So moist and rich! Mia had a bit of it and Zachary gave it a miss, but I devoured it and I am not even sorry :) haha.

Zachary tried the ice cream, the strawberries and the macaroon, which was great and I was super proud, as he was still recovering from a horrible tummy bug that made him lose 10% of his body weight. He gained it all back now thankfully so it's all good.

He also tried the scones and loved the jam in them! As you can see, he also had lots of orange juice to drink. I normally only allow him to drink 150ml a day, but as he was recovering from the severe dehydration, I was just pleased he was enjoying the juice and food. If you're a mum, you will know what I mean :)

He also tried some of the cream cheese and cucumber sandwich and a bit of his wrap, but I think I was too optimistic opting for the cucumber, haha :) Just like his daddy, he doesn't seem to be a fan. Cheeky boys! Me and Mia love it!

The standard Afternoon Tea that we had is priced at £28.00 per person and it features a big selection of savoury and sweet treats. You can also add a glass of bubbly, if you want at an extra cost of £10.75 per person.

How amazing does the stand look? My mouth is watering just looking at it and I want to go back and have more.

The top layer was my favourite part. I have a sweet tooth and these lovely treats were right up my street. We have a slice of carrot cake, a white chocolate, passionfruit and coconut macaroon, a mini spiced apple tart with a cinnamon mousse, a mini hot cross bun and a mini raspberry ice cream cone with candyfloss.

The apple and cinnamon mousse tart was to die for, the macaroon was full of flavour and the little ice cream cone was dreamy too. I was very impressed with everything to be honest.

The scones were incredible too and even my husband confirmed, that they were the best he has ever had. He's not really a scone person, but he loved them. There was one traditional scone and one fruit scone, served with strawberry jam and cream. Yuuuum!

The selection of savoury treats included a mouthwatering brioche bun filled with egg mayo (soooo good), a smoked salmon and cream cheese mini bagel, goats cheese and caramelised red onion sandwich on brown bread, a mini chicken tart and a beef and horseradish sandwich on white bread.

The hotel caters for any dietary requirements, so just ask when you're booking your meal. My mother in law had a gluten free afternoon tea at Blythswood Square hotel and it wasn't a problem.

Overall we had an amazing time, the food was delicious and the kids behaved really well, so it was just perfect! I also have to mention, that the service at Blythswood Square Hotel is incredible. The staff are lovely, friendly and know everything about the menu and you really feel like you are getting looked after properly. Definitely a 5 star experience in my opinion. This was our second time at the hotel (we went for lunch a while ago and it was amazing) and we can't wait to go back.


*we were kindly invited for the afternoon tea for review purposes

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