Philips Lumea: 8 Week Update

I can't believe it has been 8 weeks since I started my Philips Lumea trial! I feel like I wrote my previous posts about a week ago, haha :) It's crazy! This is my final post, where I will be sharing my overall thoughts and telling you a little bit more about the product and the IPL technology.

First of all, the exact device I have been using is the Philips Lumea Precision Plus IPL Hair Removal System* and you can currently buy it from Boots for £297.49. Pretty pricey, but there is no hidden cost (like gels or replacement bulbs etc), so once you buy your device, you will be able to get rid of unwanted hair allover your body. Lumea features advanced salon IPL technology, but you can use it from the comfort of your own home, whenever you want. You can treat almost all areas of your body as well, from legs to underarms or your upper lip.

Each flash of the light produces heat in the hair, which is transferred to the hair follicle to make it go into a resting phase. As a result, the hair will shed naturally and the regrowth will be inhibited. It is recommended to use the device every 2 weeks, but I have been using it once a week for the first 6 weeks for maximum results and I am now using it every 2 weeks to get rid of the remaining hair and prevent regrowth.

Lumea works effectively on dark-blonde, brown and black hair. Basically, there has to be a contrast between your skin and your hair for the device to work properly. Unfortunately, if you have light blonde hair or very dark skin, you won't be able to enjoy the benefits of IPL technology. To make sure you can use Lumea effectively, check the comparison table to determine which light intensities are most suitable for your skin and hair colour and to check if this method is suitable for you at all.

Yep! I use it on setting 5 on my legs and setting 4 on my underarms and I find it very easy to use and absolutely pain free. You just feel the heat from the light, but no discomfort whatsoever, even on sensitive skin. What I love about Lumea is the fact that it is cordless and it comes with two attachments: one for your body and one for your face. You can use two modes, depending on the area or your preference:  Slide & Flash and Step & Flash. I personally like the Step & Flash method and it couldn't be easier. The only tricky part of my body is the back of my legs, but it is doable.

Many people also ask, if IPL is safe for the skin. Yes, the device comes with an integrated UV filter to protect your skin from UV light. It also features an integrated safety system to prevent unintentional flashing. 

First, make sure to read the user manual. Before your treatment, you have to pre-shave the area you want to treat to make sure that the light energy is totally focused on the follicle. You won't have to do that after a couple of treatments though, as the hair will be growing back sparse and thin. To start, you press the power button, choose your setting, press the device against your skin, wait for the 'Ready' light to turn green and press the flash button. The device will flash and you can move onto the next area. You can mark your skin with a white pencil to make sure that you treat every inch, but it is not necessary. Just never mark the skin with a dark pencil, as it will leave you with a burn. 

Lumea comes with a little travel bag as well, which is fab. You also get a 2 year guarantee, just in case anything goes wrong.

In my last update, I mentioned that 30% of  hair on my legs was gone. After 8 weeks I can report a 50% reduction! Yay! For someone with very hairy legs (sorry, if it's tmi), this is a big claim and a massive relief as well. I can actually go 2 weeks without shaving now without looking like a werewolf :) haha. I will make sure to update you on my further progress as well, hopefully to tell you that I am a hair free goddess :) I also used Lumea on my underarms a couple of times and I can see a 30% reduction in hair regrowth which is fab!

You can read my first post about Lumea here and my my previous update here, if you are interested :) After all, it's an expensive device, so it's good to read plenty of reviews before you purchase it. Would I recommend it?

Yes, yes, yes! I am over the moon with the results and if  I stick to my routine (I am sure I will), I will have hair free legs soon. It's an exciting prospect!

“Lumea, the secret to beautiful hair free skin, for up to 2 months”

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Philips via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Philips.

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