The Unique Charm Of An Outside Winter Dinner Party

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When you think of a dinner party in winter, odds are that you imagine a toasty dining space, comforting snacks, a little wine even, and most of all, being inside the house. But what about taking your dining space outside? For some people, the idea of spending more than they have to in the snow and ice is ludicrous, and we can’t particularly fault them for that, but it can definitely be a lovely experience.

The truth is that outdoor winter dinner parties are more than possible, are unique, and can add a sense of festive fun and charm that might be hard to replicate. So, if you can stomach a little preparation, let’s give you some tips to make your plans more possible than they would be. Then we hope you can enjoy the beautiful charm of an outdoor winter dinner party:

Intimate Fire Pit & Outdoor Heater Setup

Near where you set up your excellent outdoor furniture, you can implement a fire pit a comfortable and safe distance away, which provides heat in a circle and near where people are eating. You can also implement outdoor heaters that continually shed warm air to keep certain areas toasty. Compliment that with a shelter or windbreaker to prevent the colder elements or snow exposure, and sure enough, you’ll feel incredibly comfortable relaxing and eating away at your deliciously prepared meal.

Cozy Blankets & Heated Seating Arrangements

Cozy blankets on the seats can be enough to prevent a cold bottom from sitting on a seat that’s been in the cold, while you can also give blankets to the children who might be outside and may feel the cold a little more. Plenty of warm drinks such as mulled wine for the parents or non-caffeinated teas can be a lovely addition. This way, everyone can sit at the table and be comfortable. Remember, you don’t need to have a central table, as offering everyone a placemat, a comfortable armchair, and enough room to sit safely away from the fire pit or heaters can be enough for a wonderful gathering.

Create A Charming Winter Menu

An outside dinner party doesn’t have to include a three-course meal as you might have inside, you can mix it up with fun snacks, warm treats, and many smaller courses that let people snack and nibble while also engaging in conversation. You can also enjoy deserts like fruit cakes or other seasonal and cultural dishes that make you enjoy the best of winter cuisine. A winter dinner party can also be a wonderful event you host a few days after Christmas, to debrief from the main event while also eating up all of those wonderful leftovers, after the food coma from the big day has subsided a little. Pool the family leftovers together, and you have a massive feast again.

With this advice, you’re sure to plan the unique charm of an outside winter dinner party in the best light. You may even be surprised just how much you enjoy yourself, given admittedly unusual exposure to the elements. 


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