My first Inglot Freedom System Palette

As promised, here is a review of my first Inglot palette. I am very happy with it and I think that the value for money is fantastic! Inglot is actually a Polish brand so I should probably know their products a bit better, but to be perfectly honest, this is my first Inglot purchase in a decade! :)

As mentioned in my holiday haul, I went for the 10 pan option and filled it with a mixture of single colours and some of the rainbow trios. The single shadows were £2.50 each and the rainbow ones were £3.00 each. The prices of Inglot in Poland are amazing, and over 50% cheaper than in UK. Simply because it's a Polish brand. Foreign brands are actually more expensive in Poland. 

The 10 Pan Freedom System Palette costed me £4.00. Yep! The Bristish price is £12.00! In total my full custom palette with shadows came to came to £30.00. Considering the price of MAC, it is an absolute bargain! You can get 3 MAC eye shadows for that price and I got a full 10 pan palette. Obviously, it will cost you more in UK, but it's still cheaper than MAC. The single shadows are £5.00 and rainbow ones are £6.50.

What about the quality? Inglot is just as good (if not better) than MAC in my opinion. All the shades are super pigmented and long lasting. I was pleasantly surprised with the matte rainbow shades, as they are even better than Urban Decay. Yep, just look at the swatches - the pigmentation is amazing!

I got mostly neutral shades, but I also opted for some dupes of MAC shadows. They are all gorgeous and I can't wait to buy more when I go to Poland next year. I will get another 10 pan palette and have one with rainbow shades and one with singles.

125 R - slightly shimmery browns
121 R - slightly shimmery greens

swatches of 125 R, 121 R trios.

106 R - pink toned beige shades
111 R - coll toned beige shades

swatches of 106 R, 111 R trios
107 R - matte browns

swatches of 107 R trio
395 - shimmery/satin beige

132 - very bright shimmery yellow gold - looks stunning with green shades.

605 - rich copper - an exact dupe for MAC Coppering! 

419 - shimmery khaki green - similar to MAC Sumptuous Oilve

450 - shimmery berry shade - exact dupe for MAC Cranberry. 

Left to right: 395, 132, 605, 419, 450

Overall, I am more than impressed with Inglot. Actually... I am obsessed! Obviously, due to being able to get it cheaper when I travel to visit my family in Poland, the shadows are an absolute bargain, but I would happily pay the UK price tag as well, because the formula of Inglot shadows is amazing! I love MAC, but I can get an Inglot dupe for almost all of their colours :)

Have you tried Inglot?

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