Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Sephora/Holiday Haul

I almost forgot to share my holiday purchases, which are mostly from Sephora and Inglot. I bought some beauty bits while visiting my family in Poland and a little treat for my husband on the ferry to Calais. I didn't go crazy though, because I prepared a 'mental shopping list' weeks before, haha :)

 The one item I couldn't wait to get my mitts on is the custom Inglot palette. I got the 10 pan option and filled it with some gorgeous colours. The single shadows were £2.50 each and the rainbow ones were £3.00 each in Poland, which is 50% cheaper than the UK prices. Inglot is  a Polish brand, that's why :) I will prepare a separate blog post about the palette, with swatches etc. The quality is incredible and the cost of the full palette came to £30.00.  I also picked up some Inglot travel wipes for £1.00 per pack (sale price).

 I also wanted to get a couple of Sephora Eyeshadows and I managed to take advantage of their 3 for 2 offer on the shadows and got the little palette for free. It all came to £14.00 in total. I also got a couple of bits from Sephora's Vanilla range: Vanilla Hand Wash, Body Lotion and EDT Spray (also 3 for 2). I am a vanilla addict!

 From a local Polish drugstore, I got a couple of products from Catrice. The stands weren't amazing and they didn't have the things I really wanted, but I bought the Concealer Palette, Eye Brow Stylist Pencil and an Eyebrow Definer (benefit High Brow dupe). All cheap and cheerful, retailing under £2.00. I also got a bottle of a clarifying shampoo for oily hair from a Polish brand called Tolpa.

 I wanted to treat myself to a fragrance in duty free on the ferry to France, but the prices were ridiculous, even minus tax. I spotted the Carolina Herrera 212  Surf though and I couldn't resist surprising my husband with it :) His signature scent is the original 212 and he just finished a bottle. The duty free price was £25.00, which is more expensive than Fragrance Direct.... That's why I didn't buy a fragrance for myself. I got L'Oreal True Match Foundation though for £8.00, but I forgot to photograph it.

I also bought some cute little deco tapes from Empik, because I looove stationery :)

That's it. I was a good girl, right? I am really proud of myself to be honest. It could have been much worse, but I managed to restrain myself :)



  1. I envy those Sephora eyeshadows! So pretty for Fall :)
    Passing Fancy​

  2. Very pretty shades on that pallet ! Love it.

    Alex ox

  3. That Inglot palette is so beautiful! I'm yet to try any Inglot products so I look forward to reading your separate post on that. The concealer palette looks really good as well, I've never tried any colour of concealer that isn't beige! That'll be getting googled right now ;)

    Alana x
    A Rose For Epona

  4. Those are some of my favourite Catrice products! I use the eyebrow highlighterer and pencil daily, love their Camouflage Cream (full-coverage creamy concealer) too :)

  5. Super cute and I love the Inglot palette!

  6. I have an Inglot store in my local shopping centre and I've been wanting to make my own palette forever. The shadows are such nice quality and so much cheaper than MAC where I live.

  7. Inglot eyeshadows are one of the best ! :)
    How did you like them ?

  8. I'm very jealous that you were able to get Inglot so cheap, I had no idea it was a Polish brand :) I'm dying to try their shadows as they look and sound amazing xx


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