Sunday Manicure: Etude House Minnie Mouse Top Coats

I couldn't resist ordering some Minnie Top Coats from Etude House a couple of weeks ago and I must admit- they are as cute as I imagined them to be :) I ordered two variations - Minnie White Face and Minnie Pink Ribbon (approx. £3.50 each). They both look totally different in the bottle, but once applied over the same nail colour, they look quite similar. 

I applied one layer of the top coats over the Bourjois So Laque in Fashion Gri-Gri and followed with a thick coat of Seche Vite to give it a smoother feel. The consistency of the Minnie Top Coats is quite thick and you will have to mess around a bit to get a Minnie Face or Ribbon on each nail, but it is normal with this kind of top coat. It doesn't dry instantly, so you can move all the little elements around to get the desired affect. You can see all the swatches below.

I bought four bottles (two of each kind) so you will see these in my 'thank you giveaway next week' :)

Have a lovely Sunday!

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