NARS At First Sight Palette (review, swatches,makeup look)

I have been lusting after a NARS palette for ages, so it was the first item I placed in my asos basket, after I won a gift voucher on Sarah's blog. I was sooooo excited! The limited edition 'At First Sight' Eye & Cheek Palette by NARS includes four eyeshadows, a blush and a bronzer and it would be a perfect way to start your adventure with NARS products. I own a couple of things from NARS and I really like them, so it was a matter of time before I got one of their lovely palettes. 

First of all, I am really surprised with the price. It costs £32.00 on asos and... £45 everywhere else. Whaaat? If it's a mistake, I would hurry up and order it right now, before anyone realizes it :) Bargain!!! I adore the signature NARS packaging, with a slightly rubbery feel to it and a super sleek design. It can get a little dirty, but I don't mind that because it is easy to wipe. I love the way the palette feels and looks. 

For £32 (or £45.00) you get four eye shadows, a Deep Throat Blush and a Laguna Bronzer - all a decent size. The eye colours include All About Eve (light beige with a slight shimmer), Nouveau Monde (lilac with a metallic finish and silver shimmer), Bellissima (matte brown with grey undertones) and Cordura (dark brown with golden shimmer).

 The Deep Throat Blush is a gorgeous peachy shade with pink undertones - much more flattering than Orgasm and with less shimmer. Laguna is a light brown colour with minimal golden shimmer (very hard to notice unless you use flash) and it has no orange undertones whatsoever, which means that it will suit most pale and medium skin tones. It looks very subtle on me and I love it!

I am not completely happy with the quality of the eye shadows and I had to use my finger or a sponge applicator to get decent pigmentation, but once applied and blended, they look lovely and last on my eyelids all day. I think I expect too much from eye shadows, because I normally use Urban Decay or MAC. I am very pleased with the blush and bronzer though and I love the way they look on my skin tone. They also last for 7h+ on my face, so I only have to touch up once, if I want my makeup to look perfect all day long. 

Overall, I am in love with this palette and after accepting the fact that no eye shadows compare to Urban Decay, I would recommend NARS 'At First Sight' anyway, especially if you buy it from asos for £32.00. It is very versatile and let's you create subtle looks, a dark smokey eye and a perfect bronzed/glowing complexion.

L-R: Deep Throat Blush, All About Eve and Nouveau Monde (top row), Bellissima and Cordura (bottom row), Laguna Bronzer
Eyeshadow Swatches in dayligh (left) and with flash (right): All About Eve, Nouveau Monde, Bellissima, Cordura 
Deep Throat Blush, Laguna Bronzer (left- in daylight, right-with flash)
EYES: All About Eve in the inner corners and under the brow bone, Nouveau Monde allover the lid,  Bellissima in the crease and Cordura along the bottom lash line.  FACE: Deep Throat Blush, Laguna Bronzer
All About Eve in the inner corners and under the brow bone, Nouveau Monde allover the lid,  Bellissima in the crease and Cordura along the bottom lash line

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