Guest Post: Make-up Tips When Out Past Midnight

GUEST  POST: "5 Tips for Make-up Maintenance When out Past Midnight"

We all know how hard it can be to fake looking fresh after a sleepless night or a hard day at work, that ends with a late-night date or a party with friends. Below are some tips to make sure you look just as fresh at midnight as you did when you first got ready to go out

Hydrate yourself
What do lack of sleep and a long, stressful day have in common? Skin dehydration. So make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the night. This will not only help you to prevent excessive intoxication, but it will naturally boost your energy. Additionally, drinking water will help to prevent getting sore and red eyes. It is also a good idea to carry eye drops in your handbag, if your eyes get irritated easily.
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A little make-up will go a long way
After a long day you’ll need brightening make-up, so make sure to have a concealer in your makeup bag at all times!You can use a pale-pink shade or a corrector to fully cover the dark circles and make puffy-eyes appear fresher! Cargo Cosmetics sell a Jet Lag Concealer through ShopHQ that’s bound to do the trick.
Use a liquid, full-coverage foundation to even out your skin tone, conceal imperfections and create a clean base for your makeup. If you want glowing skin, go for a dewy complexion, highlight the cheeks, add a warm blush and a touch of bronzer. To help make your foundation and concealer last longer, apply a primer prior to leaving the house.
Moisturize dry lips
After a long night of partying (especially, if you are drinking alcohol), your lips can get very dry and sore. It’s a good idea to use a paper towel to gently remove the lipstick and apply something soothing to your lips, such as LaNatura's Shea butter lip balm. This will help to keep your lips soft and smooth.
You can quite easily distract attention from your tired eyes and face by using a lipstick or lip-gloss in an intense shade. Apply it on top of your lip balm or simply use a tinted lip balm, especially on days when your lips really need extra moisture.
Don't go overboard with the eye shadow
If you want your eyes to look brighter, add a slightly shimmery, light eye shadow in the inner corners of the eyes upon leaving the house – and call it a day. After hours of dancing, heavy eye shadow might smudge and look cakey and it will be extremely time consuming to correct.
Instead, use multiple layers of mascara to help achieve a wide-eyed look that is easily touched up as the night goes on. You can also apply a very thin line of eyeliner very close to your lashes to make them appear fuller.

Battle Sweat & Oil
Sweat and oil can build up on the surface of your face throughout the night, especially as you drink and dance. The shine isn’t exactly flattering, so it is always good to carry blotting papers in your purse. You can slip into the bathroom, quickly dab your T-zone, and emerge looking better than ever. Powder will also quickly revitalise your look, cover any imperfections and control the excess sebum, creating a smooth, matte complexion. 

To give your locks a quick and fresh boost, consider carrying a pocket-sized bottle of dry shampoo like this one.

Do you have any tips that weren’t included? Share your pearls of wisdom in the comment section below!



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