NYR Pure Essence EDP No2 Rose - review

Today I am reviewing another addition to my perfume collection. I don't own many perfumes to be honest. I think there is around 10 bottles on my dressing table at the moment. I always wanted to try natural perfumes and the first one I got to test, was Liz Earle Botanical Essence no1 which I really liked and it lasted on my skin for a good couple of hours. The one I am reviewing today is Neal's Yard Remedies Pure Essence EDP No2 Rose.

NYR Pure Essence Eau de Parfum No2 Rose* 50ml £37.00 link
also available from feelunique here

"Ethereal and eternally romantic, the sophisticated, velvety scent of rose is imbued with wonderfully calming and uplifting properties.We've blended hundred petalled and damask roses with organic rose geranium, organic cedarwood and pink pepper to create a beautifully subtle, natural scent"

I love anything rose scented so I had a feeling that I will love this EDP. The bottle comes in a lovely presentation box and it would make a perfect gift. So beautiful!
I like the design and I mentioned that it is similar to Liz Earle EDP. Both brands picked a simple square bottle and I really like it. It looks elegant and will be a lovely addition to any dressing table.

The scent is beautiful and lingers on my skin for most of the day. I also spray some EDP into my hair and it lasts for over 24h! I am so impressed with the lasting power! The natural essential oils definitely make the scent last much longer. The top notes include palmarosa and pink pepper, followed by middle notes of damask rose, hundred petalled rose and rose geranium. I adore this beautiful floral scent and I reach for it every day. If you love rose scented products, you will definitely like this one.

Top notes
Palmarosa and pink pepper
These give the first impression of a fragrance.
Middle notes
Damask rose, hundred petalled rose and rose geranium
Often called the ‘heart' notes, these make up the
main body of the fragrance.
Base notes
Cedarwood and benzoin
These give the fragrance depth and help ground the lighter notes.
Know your Eaux
Eau de Parfum contains a greater percentage of perfume oil, or in our case pure essential oils, than Eau de Toilette creating a more intense, longer-lasting fragrance.

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