Feeding my necklace addiction :)

Hi everyone.
I think I have a necklace addiction :) I can't stop buying them and when other bloggers get clothing via fashion programs- I always get jewellery :)  There is so many pretty designs out there... I want them all! I recently received my orders from www.sheinside.com and www.oasap.com and all the items I picked were necklaces, so I decided to do a joint post :) I am planning to do a post about my full necklace collection, but I need more time to prepare it. I think that at the moment I own over 200 necklaces... and it would take me ages to photograph them all. I actually bought a special stand for my necklaces and bracelets, like the rotating ones you get in jewellery stores :) plus 3 smaller stands/racks. I hope I can organize everything and share my collection with you soon.

 Colored Ribbon Embellished Cubic Necklace* c/o oasap link

 Black And White Geometric Triangle Necklace* c/o sheinside link
Black and Gold necklace* c/o sheinside link

Medal pendant necklace* c/o oasap link

gold choker necklace* c/o sheinside link

Spike necklace* c/o oasap link

Spike necklace* c/o sheinside link

I decided to wear the spike necklace as a hair accessory :)
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