Urban Decay NAKED palette dupe- MUA Undressed palette- comparison and swatches

I became  a big MUA enthusiast recently :) and I am loving all their palettes. The one I was excited about the most is the Undressed palette. The name is an obvious hint that it was created based on Urban Decay Naked palette. Well... It is a great dupe in my opinion! Read on for more details and have a look at my swatches of all shades. They are a really close match.

If something is hyped about and everybody and their mother owns it - I usually buy it to see if it is as good as everybody claims it to be. Urban Decay was always my go to brand when it comes to eyeshadows and I had a little UD addiction going on in the past, so when I seen the 1000th review of Naked and Naked2 I bought both.
I am really happy with all the shades and the quality and I can't deny, that Urban Decay does the best eyeshadows on the planet- in my opinion anyway. Not everybody can afford a £36 eyeshadow palette though, so many brands released cheaper alternatives. MUA Undressed palette is one of them and the RRP is £4, but I got mine on sale for £3.00!!! Can you believe it? The full palette comes at a price of one little Urban Decay shade from the Naked Palette :)
I am a bit of a makeup snob and I want to own the most expensive and luxurious products in the world, but to be honest... the only high end make-up product I keep repurchasing is Lancome Teint Miracle foundation. I don't like to spend more than £20 on a beauty product, but I do make exceptions sometimes, if I really want something.

-the packaging is totally different and I actually prefer MUA, as it is more sturdy/
-there is 12 shades in both palettes
-all shades are a very close match, dupes of matte eyeshadows from Naked are matte in the Undressed palette and the shimmery UD ones are shimmery in the MUA dupe. (unlike in the fake Naked palette)
-the pigmentation of both palettes is really good
-Urban Decay shadows feel more luxurious and the quality and pigmentation is better. The quality of MUA Undressed is surprisingly good too and all the shimmery shades are creamy and apply beautifully, but matte shades are slightly less pigmented than UD ones.
-I don't need a primer if I use the Naked palette and the shadows stay on my eyelids all day, except matte shades(they need a primer) All shimmery shades from MUA undressed stay put for most of the day- around 8 hours, but with a primer they last all day and look perfect. Matte shades need a primer no matter what to last for more than 2 hours.

 I think that MUA Undressed Palette is an amazing dupe of the Naked Palette and if you don't want to splurge £36 on eyeshadows, there is no need to do it. Please, do not consider buying fake UD makeup from ebay etc... It is very dangerous. Why risk your health, if you can get the same shades from a brand you can trust for a fraction of the price? I don't see the point of buying fake makeup, knowing that it is definitely fake. We want the product to be good quality and to give amazing results, so If you buy a fake it is a totally different thing, so why buy it just for the packaging?
I wrote a comparison post about the real UD Naked palette and an ebay fake a couple of weeks ago, so if you want to have a look and consider buying make-up on ebay, please read my post here.
There is no need to risk your health, if you can get a perfectly safe dupe for £4!!!

Many bloggers find great dupes and share reviews on their blogs, so if you want to find a cheaper alternative of a product, I am sure you will find it in the blogosphere.

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