BUDGET BLUSHERS: Accessorize Scandal, MUA in shades 1 and 4

I picked up a few blushers from Superdrug and I thought I will do a quick comparison.
I love blushers and I can't imagine my makeup without them. It just looks unfinished to me. 
I don't stick to one shade, I like to try different ones. It also depends on the colour of my skin. In summer I am usually very tanned, so I go for bronzers or blushers with gold shimmer.
At the moment, I am in love with pretty pinks and peachy shades.
I bought 2 MUA blushers in shades 1 and 4 and a cute accessorize blusher in shade 6-Scandal.
First of all, I love the packaging. It is absolutely gorgeous! The product itself looks really pretty, I love the swirls of different colours. It really caught my eye in the shop and I couldn't resist it! I am so glad I picked it up. The pigmentation is great and it looks perfect on my skin! It is a lovely shimmery(but not too shimmery) medium pink with a little bit of light gold highlighter. I am very impressed! It costs £5 and it feels really luxurious!
It became my favourite blusher!

I really like to use it when I want to achieve a natural look. It is a light pink with a bit of shimmer.
There is a little fall out, but for £1 you can't go wrong. I think that it suits all skin tones, so if you get a chance, pick it up from Superdrug. The packaging is nice and simple and  there is 6 different shades to chose from. I wasn't very keen on trying MUA, I thought... 1£ makeup must be terrible. It isn't! I can't wait to try other MUA products.
This is another shade that will suit all skin tones. It is a warm peachy colour and it feels very nice and smooth when applied on my cheeks. It has got just the right amount of shimmer and I really like it. Both MUA blushers have got great pigmentation and are really worth trying.
Top: Accessorize blusher. 
Left: MUA shade 4
Right: MUA shade 1
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