Crush on crushed velvet flocked nails

Mu crushed velvet manicure is finally here!!!
I have been looking for crushed velvet flock for a reasonable price and it took me over 2 weeks to find it on ebid  for £0.99 plus £0.81 delivery!!! There is 4 colours in one pack. What a bargain! If you buy more colours, you get a p&p discount.
If you want to splash your cash on more colours there is a pack of 12 from theglitterpot for £14.49  here.

The manicure is very simple:
1.Paint your nail with a nail polish similar in colour to the flocking you want to use.
2.Dip your nail into a pot of flocking powder.
3.Press the flocking powder onto your nail firmly and blow off any excess.
4.Repeat on all nails and there you have fluffy, cuddly, soft nails :) amazing!

PS. I am sorry for the picture quality. I lost my XD card for my SLR and I had to use my ordinary digital camera. I am very upset about that, because I love good quality pictures :/ I ordered a replacement and my photography will be back to normal after the weekend.
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