Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes by Samantha Chapman

I am sure you already heard about the Real Techniques brushes, so I won't be going into detail in this quick post. 
All I want  to say is: I can't believe I used to do my make up without the real techniques brushes! 
They are amazing! The bristles feel unbelievably soft, the design is great and they are very well made. 
I own Eco tools brushes that are really soft, but Real Techniques ones are even softer! 

The set includes 4 full-size brushes and a ravel case, which can also be used as a stand.

detail brush: I use it to apply concealer, but you can also apply lipstick with it.

pointed foundation brush: use it to apply liquid foundation

buffing brush: I use it to apply foundation, powder and blusher... It is my favourite brush from this set and I use it all the time.

contour brush: I apply highlighters and bronzers with this brush, to contour my face.

you can get the set from Boots for £21.99
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