XEN -TAN review with before and after pictures: Dark Lotion, Face Tanner Luxe and Deep Bronze Luxe

Today I would like to introduce you to my favourite fake tan brand: Xen-Tan. I found out about this brand from my sister in law about  2 years ago and I have been obsessed ever since.  I looked for their products online and found them on www.feelunique.com. I paid about £35 for 2 bottles of the Dark Lotion and £15 for the Face Tanner Luxe. Unfortunately Feelunique doesn't sell the Dark Lotion Duo anymore, but you can buy one bottle for £24.45.

This product is my personal favourite and I am addicted to it. The only time I stopped using it, was after having my baby, when I was too tired and I didn't even think about fake tan :)  I love everything about Dark Lotion.  It smells gorgeous, it is creamy and gives a streak free finish. It gives me a perfect olive tan, it leaves my skin silky soft and the results are long lasting.

If you exfoliate your skin properly and moisturise dry areas, like elbows and knees prior to application, you will be amazed with the results. If you want to have a nice tan at all times it is recommended once a week (in my experience, every 4-5 days).

I usually apply it with the Xen-Tan mitt, but I started using disposable gloves and I quite like the results. If you want to buff it in properly-use the tanning mitt. I don't recommend using your bare hands, the lotion is really hard to remove. 

You can use the Dark Lotion on your face and body, but if you want better results, I would recommend buying the Face Tanner. The formula is lighter and it is made for everyday use. You don't have to use a mitt or gloves, as it is a gradual tanner. Just make sure you wash your hands after application. It smells lovely, leaves my skin really soft and gives it a nice healthy glow. 

The last Xen-Tan product I would like to mention is the Deep Bronze Luxe. I think I actually like it more than The Dark lotion. The consistency is just as nice, so is the gorgeous smell. But what won me over is the fact that I can apply it with my bare hands and it doesn't stain them. The final effect looks even more natural than Dark Lotion. It gives a  slightly lighter tan, but I love it! You can see the effects below:

*PR sample

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