Monday, 26 January 2015

Ash Spiral Boots

I have been lusting after a pair of Ash ankle boots for absolute ages, so when I stumbled across a pair of their Spiral boots on ebay, they had to be mine. I managed to snap them up at a fraction of the retail price as well. Happy days! 

They are a size 8 and feel slightly too big (I am usually a 7), but they are seriously the most comfy boots I have ever owned. The leather is extremely soft and it feels like 'second skin'. The Spiral design comes with a side zip, making the boots easy to slip on and off.

I mentioned in my review of Ash Jess boots, that I can only wear Ash boots with a side zip. Yep... I actually bought the Spirit boots and Jalouse boots and had to return both pairs, because I couldn't even put my foot inside. I think it is the shape of my feet... My sisters have the same problem too, it's weird. I don't have fat or wide feet by the way. Wide fit shoes are always far too big for me. I have never experienced this problem before, because most boots have a stretchy bit around the ankle. Well, at least now I know not to buy Ash boots without a zip :)

Despite my issues with various designs not fitting, I can't recommend the Spiral boots enough. I live in them, wear them with everything and everywhere. They are absolutely perfect! I am planning to buy another pair (or Jess boots) in a dark brown colour as well. I just have to find a good deal :)

You can buy Ash Boots from , Office, Houseoffraser and other stockists.



  1. These look stunning and it's great that you managed to get such a good deal on ebay. I have a similar pair from Clarks which I wear all the time, love this kind of style for ankle boots x

    Beauty with charm

  2. These look lovely Sandra - I love my taupe Jalouse & really want a black pair. The design looks very similar besides the zip - is the toe a bit rounder? I am a regular 8 and find the 8 quite generous on me too, so def agree with you on the fit!

    Glad you've found a pair you love, they look great on you!

    Nic x StrawberryBlondeBeauty

    1. They are very similar, but yes - the Jalouse boots have a slightly more pointed toe and a higher heel :)

  3. Ooh they are such classics, I wear this style all the time!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  4. These look lovely! I've been wanting a pair of Ash boots for ages now but haven't yet brought myself to purchase them, despite always hearing such fab things about them!
    - Jem
    Jem's Blog

  5. They look lovely! I have been wanting a pair of Ash boots for the longest time ever, but I can't justify the price tag - haha! x


  6. Love these shoes! They're gorgeous!

  7. These boots are lush! I have the same problem with boots sometimes, I think I have a high arch in my feet!


  8. Ha, you finally got them! Love the heel!

  9. I love Ash! Their shoes and boots are absolutely incredible- I love your black boots:) X

  10. These are amazing!

  11. They're similar to the Jalouse aren't they in terms of the style. Lovely boots though, I adore ASH Footwear - so comfy!

  12. These boots are so flattering. I love how the front dip really elongates your legs!

    Ellie xo


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