Thursday, 8 January 2015

Fashion: Ash Jess Boots

After buying my first pair of Ash boots, I couldn't wait to expand my collection. My black Ash Spiral boots are simply the most comfortable boots I have ever owned and I live in them at the moment. I will be reviewing them on the blog soon, but today I want to show you the newest addition to my shoe wardrobe - Ash Jess Boots*.

I was kindly sent these by Repertoire Fashion and since they only had a size 6 in stock (I am normally a 7) and Ash claim that their Jess boots are a generous fit and usually require sizing down, I took a risk and went for the size 6. When the boots arrived, I was devastated as I couldn't even put my foot inside. I was actually close to tears, if I am honest. I decided that I will just return them, but something was telling me to try them on again after Christmas. The boots were left in their box in a cold hallway for a week and they must have expanded a bit (or my feet were swollen before), because I tried them on again and I could actually get my foot in! I was really confused, but also happy! What is this madness? I swear, the boots did not fit me a week earlier! Have you ever experienced something like this? Anyway... The conclusion is - don't size down with these! Just get your normal size. Otherwise, the fit will be very, very snug - from my experience.

The actual design of the boots is stunning and I am on love with the side zips and the tiny skulls and tassells. The quality of the suede is outstanding and the leather inside is super soft and there is no 'breaking in' required. The heel is a perfect height for everyday wear, but be careful wearing these in winter, as there is no grip and you might slip. I almost fell down the stairs outside my house wearing these.

I am sooo in love with Ash ankle boots. I will talk more about my experience with different designs when I review the other pair, but if you are looking for new comfy boots for Spring, I definitely recommend Ash.

If you fancy treating yourself to anything from Repertoire Fashion, use code: BLACKPEARL10 for 10% off. They stock brands like Barbour, Michael Kors, Armani Jeans and more.

*gifted item



  1. Those are beautiful boots! I can imagine so many great ways to style them

  2. Oh no....what a shame......the boot look gorgeous....;)

  3. Loving the Cuban heel - little tip that works for snug leather/suede (not patent, man-made etc) shoes: put a whole potato (washed but with the peel on) into the shoe/boot & leave in a cool, dark place like the bottom of the wardrobe for a week or so - the potato gives off ethylene which softens the leather. It's the same as using bananas to ripen other fruit.

  4. They are stunning. xox

  5. gorgeous boots! Love the beige color and the chunky heel!

    stop by for a chat :) ♥

  6. Oooh these are to die for!!:) X

  7. These are so gorgeous! Never heard of boots expanding before but great that they fit you now! xx

  8. Oh my I think I am in love, these boots are GORGEOUS!

    Amanda / Amanda's Escape

  9. I love ankle boots these look stunning x

  10. I have been wanting these exact boots for the longest time! Thanks for the advice about not sizing down!

    Ellie xo

  11. That's new fashionable boots. This ASH Boots really awesome to wear and also style. This boot price ranges also reasonable.

  12. Hi there, I was going to order these now (2016). Which colour of Jess boots are you wearing in the photos here? They suit you! I want to get the same colour! :)
    Thanks, Kate


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