I am pregnant with baby No.2 :)

I couldn't be happier to finally share the news with you! I am 11 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and keeping the secret since finding out right before Christmas was torture :) haha. 

It's a planned pregnancy, so we knew even before my period was due. We were also super lucky, as it was our first try. I hope it's not TMI, but I seriously didn't expect it to happen right away.

I have always wanted more than one kid and my husband couldn't wait to have another little baby either, so I stopped putting it off. Also, Zachary really needs company :) My only concern was my weight, as my BMI is over 30, but I had no complications with my first pregnancy, so I decided to just go for it and really watch my diet. The last time I gained 5st! Scary!!!! So far, sickness and nausea actually made made me lose a bit of weight, but I know that it won't last so I will have to be very careful with what (and how much) I eat in my 2nd and 3rd trimester. I am not worried though, as 90% of what I eat is very healthy and I feel totally different in this pregnancy. I eat 3 small meals a day, snack on fruit, drink plenty of water throughout the day and fresh vegetable juices every morning. Yum, yum, yum :)

You can't really tell that I am pregnant yet, but I can feel a little bump already and my lower tummy is becoming firmer and rounder each week.  It's funny, because I am losing weight, yet my belly keeps growing. Every time I step on the scales I expect to see a higher number, but it's not happening. I am a bit paranoid, which is understandable considering how much I gained with my first baby. He was huge as well (9lbs 10oz). I really hope this baby is smaller and I get to experience easy labour (almost 24 hours with Zac, and it ended with an emergency c-section). Apparently my pelvis is really small, so I have no chance of natural birth, if this baby is as big as Zachary, or if I am overdue again. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly this time.

When I was pregnant with Zachary, I had almost no symptoms. Just a little bit of morning sickness and a cold in my first weeks. This time it's a totally different story. I have been absolutely exhausted and ill since day 1, catching every cold and virus around. My immune system is normally very strong and I very rarely get ill, so it's all new to me. I had days, when I couldn't move, had high fever and 'morning sickness' all day long, accompanied by feeling seriously hormonal, with extreme mood swings. I also had a chest infection that lasted for 3 weeks, migraines, sinusitis and flu. Lovely... I even had hallucinations at night time! (wtf?) Basically, I was bedbound and I binge watched all episodes of Revenge and Gossip Girl :) Thankfully, I am finally feeling better, but I still have a mild cough and nausea. 

Thanks to feeling like I was about to die, I didn't have the energy to blog and I only published 9 posts in January! Some of you had a feeling that I was up to/hiding something and you were right, haha. It wasn't hard to guess, as I normally blog every day and update my social media regularly :) As a mum of an active toddler, who just started nursery (early mornings and trying to force him to eat breakfast before he leaves are a nightmare!), I can't take a 'day off', so everything feels like a struggle. That's also the reason why I have been catching all sorts of viruses - nursery is full of germs and diseases. Yuck! Zachary was ill 3 times, since he started nursery in January. It's crazy!

I will be writing more about this pregnancy on my Mummy & Baby Blog, but so far everything is fine and we had a private scan yesterday to confirm that the baby is well :) My due date is the 24th of August and we couldn't be more excited to welcome another bundle of joy to the world. I have an NHS scan in just over 2 weeks as well and an appointment with an obstetrician to discuss my plans for a VBAC. Again, I will write more about it on M&BB. So far, so good :)

Oh, my younger sister is pregnant as well (it's her first baby and she is due in March), so if everything goes well for both of us, the babies will be only 5-6 months apart, which is fab! She is having a little girl and I am secretly hoping for a girl too this time :) Obviously, I would be happy with a boy too and Zachary would be over the moon, haha. I think I will go for a private scan at 16 weeks to find out, because I simply can't wait to go shopping for cute baby stuff!

Thank you for all your lovely comments and congratulations on my Instagram and Twitter. I am an emotional wreck and I might have shed a tear (or a river) reading all your kind words :')

Sandra x

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