Marc Jacobs Fragrance Set (+discount code)

I have a lovely collection of full size Marc Jacobs fragrances, but I have always wanted to add some of the adorable minis to my stash. They are simply too cute to resist. I opted for the Fragrance Set*(£33.00) with DOT, Oh Lola (two that I haven't tried before), Daisy and Daisy Eau So Fresh, but there are other options available as well.

Foreo Luna Mini Save The Sea Special Edition

I am a big fan of the original Foreo Luna, so I was very excited to try the mini version. This aqua blue beauty is the Foreo LUNA Mini Save The Sea Special Edition*(£99.00), launched to support a campaign that raises the awareness and funds to help protect and preserve our oceans. Amazing!

Affordable skincare at Boots

I am not a 'skincare snob' and before I started my blog, most of the products I used were from Boots own offerings, mostly the Botanics range. It's all about finding what's best for you and your skin type. I also rely on Boots when I have to restock my husbands skincare supplies, because he just slathers everything on like there is no tomorrow :) haha. 

Pregnancy update (32 weeks) & Baby Girl Haul

I am 32 weeks pregnant and I am soooo ready to have this baby! Seriously... My bump is out of control and it is making me super uncomfortable, especially at night time. The only thing I can do to feel more human is to take a mid-day nap, but it's not always possible. It's not all bad though :)

Bourjois Summer 2015

Summer wouldn't be complete without beautiful new makeup collections and the new releases by Bourjois are to die for! From light gel blushers to subtle glosses and pastel nail polishes, they have all your Summer must-haves covered.

Some of my pregnancy essentials

Pregnancy is usually a really lovely and magical time, but at some point everyone becomes a bit uncomfortable with their growing bump or experiences typical pregnancy symptoms. Here are some items that are making the final weeks a little bit easier for me.

Summer Nails with Essence Gel Nail Polishes

 This awesome delivery from Essence simply blew my mind and I am now 100% sorted in the nail polish department :)  Not like I needed anymore nail polish (I have a ridiculous collection already), but... the gel formula sounded promising so I had to give it a go. I must admit - swatching over 40 polishes requires real dedication, but it was also very relaxing so it's all good :)

100 years of fitness in 100 seconds

Staying fit and healthy is very important and I am really happy to see more people focusing on their well-being and fitness rather than aiming to be a size 0 and restricting their diet. I am not the fittest or slimmest person myself , but I still make sure to include some exercise in my life. There is no excuse really, as we have plenty of options these days. Have you ever wondered how men and women exercised a 100 years ago? 

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