Giorgio Armani brow products.

I've been meaning to write about some of the Giorgio Armani eyebrow products for ages, but I never really got round to it till now. I received this selection and I was really confused about the bright red to be honest, but I actually used it on my lips and it worked a treat. The other products are much more suited to eyes and brows though, so I didn't have a problem trying them out. In fact - I found my new favourite eyebrow pencil and angled brush. Yay!

I used to be obsessed with the ABH Brow Wiz and the Giorgio Armani High Precision Brow Pencil*(£25.00) really reminds me of it, with it's fine tip and great formula. I have shade 1 which is a perfect match for me, but I feel like it would be great for everyone, as it's a neutral tone and you can use it as lightly or as boldly as you want. I either use gentle strokes for a subtle effect or put a little bit more pressure on the skin for bold brows with maximum pigmentation. The pencil is very easy to work with and waterproof, so it stays put all day without smudging. There's 3 shades to choose from and they're inspired by natural hair colours. The little comb at the end helps to quickly brush through the little hairs, but I prefer using a spoolie.

The Eye & Brow Maestro Brush*(£32.00) is really pricey but the quality of it feels amazing, I am not gonna lie. The Armani Maestro Brushes fuse the most sophisticated Italian design with traditional Japanese excellence and expertise. The Eye & Brow Meastro Brush features an angled eyeliner and brow brush on one side and a spoolie on the other end. The brush is very precise and the bristles are really dense and don't end up allover the place, like I have experienced with other brushes. It's great when a brush keeps it's shape. The spoolie brushes through all brow hairs perfectly and helps to keep them in place. I also use the angled side for gel liner and it's fantastic! 

I also have two shades of the Eye & Brow Meastro*(£27.00), a multi-use eye product powered by the latest advances in make-up technology. Shade 6 - Copal and shade 14 - Henne.  It can be used as an eye brow pencil/pomade, eye shadow, eye liner or face contour and...  even for touching up the hairline. Multi tasker!Again, the 8 shades were inspired by natural hair colours.  The brow shade is a bit too light for me,  but I am making it work and I use it for shading when I want my brows to look more natural. The red isn't a colour I would wear on my eyes, but I did try it on my lips and it looks gorgeous, with a bit of lip balm on top or as a lip liner.

PS. I will try to add the swatches asap (my card is corrupted so I have to retake the photos AGAIN!) You know how I feel about blog posts without swatches... I can't cope!

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Have you tried any of the Armani Brow Maestro products?

Sandra xxx

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