Beauty Gifts with Beautifect

Beauty gifts can be a bit tricky, if you're not too sure what kinds of colours someone likes, what shade of foundation they need or what fragrance they usually wear. That's when beauty gadgets, accessories and everyday essentials come in handy! I was recently introduced to a fabulous brand called Beautifect, who are famous for their gorgeous Beautifect Box, but also offer a selection of accessories and essentials, which would make great Christmas gifts.

Let's start with the Beautifect Tote*(£34.00). It can of course be used to showcase and protect your Beautifect Box, but also to carry other beauty tools and products! It's a great size and it is transparent, so you can see where everything is, if you need quick access. The tote feels very sturdy and well made, so you can be sure that it will protect everything you decide to keep in it. It's perfect for travelling or simply storing or organising beauty tools or makeup in your home. The bag s made with vegan leather, luxurious faux velvet lining and transparent panels, making it super easy to clean.

My personal favourite is definitely the Beautifect Pod With Blender*(£18.95). If you use a makeup sponge/beauty blender, you will know how annoying it is to put it in your makeup bag after you used it, with foundation allover it. The mess, the possible bacteria etc. You want to keep your tools clean to prevent breakouts, so this little pod is an absolute lifesaver! And how gorgeous is the design? I love the rose gold and cream combo, so pretty! Durable, lightweight and protective, with a seamless swivel front and perforated ventilation holes for optimum aeration. 

The Beautifect Pouch*(£19.00) is a great addition to any handbag. Ideal to store small everyday essentials, keeping organised and tidy. Made with beautiful soft grained vegan leather and lined with durable fabric, softly structured for flexibility and finished with a signature rose gold zip. I like having  a pouch this size to keep my lipstick, powder, nails file, blotting paper etc so I can easily move all my essentials between bags. Saves so much time and hassle.

The Beautifect Crystal Nail File*(£14.50) is such a great product. If you haven't tried a crystal nail file yet, YOU MUST! It is a game changer! Unlike traditional nail files, or the really cheap ones you get, with a crystal one, there is no trauma to the nail, no breakage and no chips! It leaves the edge of the nail soooo smooth! The Beautifect nail file is made using only premium materials and with a tempered glass coating for increased strength. The file comes in a simple vegan leather pouch provided for easy storage and ultimate protection. 

I always lose my tweezers, so I am so glad to have the new Beautifect Precision Tweezer*(£18.95) to save my eyebrows! The tweezers have precise but smooth tips, so you don't end up pinching your skin, but you will be bale to get the smallest hair with ease. Made with the highest grade stainless steel and presented in a vegan leather sleeve, these are the perfect addition to every beauty/makeup bag!

You can also never have enough sharpeners, right? I', always looking for one and I seem to displace them regularly. The Beautifect Sharpener*(£6.95) is a dual design, making it easy to sharpen lip pencils eyeliners and eye and lip crayons. It sharpens with fine precision and captures shavings in the container for effortless disposal. Perfect!  Complete with a pick for optimal blade cleaning.

The luxurious Beautifect SPA Headband*(£9.95) is a self-care staple for keeping your hair out of your face whilst you do your skincare or apply makeup. It feels super soft and doesn't pull your hair,  preventing breakage and friction. Nothing worse than getting velcro stuck in your hair! With this plush design, you're skin and face are safe!

And if you're looking for a few of the items I mentioned, you can actually get a Beautifect Mini Beauty Bundle (£34.00) which contains the Beautifect Pouch (RRP £19),  Precision Tweezer (RRP £18.95) and the Crystal Nail File (RRP £14.50). This would make such a lovely gift!

And finally, we have the gorgeous Beautifect Box (£279.00) Every makeup lovers dream. Ideal for keeping all your products in one place in a compact and sturdy case, which becomes your dressing table/get ready station wherever you go! How fantastic! The case has plenty of room for your essentials, but most importantly it offers industry leading lighting with a high CRI allowing you to see true to life colours and shades for flawless makeup application. There is nothing worse than applying your makeup in a dark room, then emerging in daylight looking like an Oompa Loompa... We've all been there and it is not cute! With the award winning Beautifect Box, you don't have to worry about mishaps and you can be confident that your makeup will look perfect! 

The Beautifect box offers easily wipeable storage with dimensions of approx. 29cm x 25cm x 9cm, weighing approx. 1.7kg or 3.5lbs.  Available in Nude, White, Black and Limited Edition Gold.

It is THE most luxurious makeup storage box on the market and it is on everyone's wishlist this Christmas. If you are struggling to choose a gift for someone who loves makeup and/or skincare, the Beautifect Box is a winner! Absolutely gorgeous! I'm hoping Santa got my list and I find one under my Christmas tree!

Available from and Harrods.

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