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I was kindly sent the new Wrap Around Ponytail by Cliphair to try out before the official launch date and let me tell you... for someone who will never have thick long hair, it is a game changer. I had a bit of time to get used to installing it in my hair and after 3 attempts, I mastered it and I am obsessed! Ariana Grande, move over... hahaha.

The wrap around ponytail is available in 3 lengths: Mini (14"), Classic (20") and Mega (24") and you can choose from 10 colours. I opted for the 24 inch long ponytail in shade Warm Brown and it is the perfect match for my natural hair colour. I just love how it blends in so seamlessly! It looks like my actual hair. Amazing!

The ponytail arrives in a sleek white box and it's kept inside a plastic protective sleeve. You get a really strong hair bobble with it (it's sooo secure!) and 5 hair grips to help you secure the ponytail in place after clipping it in with the regular clip. It's pretty easy to put in.

 How does it work? You put your natural hair in a ponytail, then secure the hair piece on top of it with a clip, then wrap around with the velcro fastening and naturally follow with the extra piece of hair attached to the velcro. It's so easy! You can see a tutorial below:

My advice would be to do a high pony right at the top of your head, so the weight of the extra hair is evenly distributed on your scalp. When I did a lower ponytail, it felt a bit too heavy, as my hair is not very thick and I picked the longest length. It's recommended to go for a shorter length for fine hair. I did manage to find the perfect way of wearing it though and it feels very comfortable and secure.

 The wrap around ponytail features Silky Soft Remy Hair & Naturally Tailed Ends and a Clip and Velcro Closure for Secure Application. It can can be Safely Styled, Toned, or Dyed, like natural hair. I will definitely try it curled next time! 

The 24" wrap around ponytail retails at £140.00 and it's available to buy from

Have you ever tried a wrap around ponytail? 

Sandra xxx

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