How to Get Your Home Cosy in Time for Winter

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Pretty much everyone loves the warmth and light that the summer brings. Then there’s the pumpkin spiced lattes and sweater weather to look forward to in autumn. But there’s no denying that there’s something really magical about the winter. The excitement of Christmas, all the cheer and goodwill are just some of the reasons people love winter. However, one of the very best parts of the season is the cosiness. 

Nothing beats stepping inside out of the cold, and getting cosy. This is the season for nights in enjoying delicious food and staying toasty in the comfort of your home. But to get the most from the season, it’s a great idea to add some extra cosy touches to your home. All those family nights in and festive gatherings will be so much better when your home feels snug. Here’s how you can get your home looking and feeling cosy before winter’s arrival:

Re-think Your Colour Scheme

While you probably won’t want to redecorate your entire room, changing the colour scheme a little can make it feel more winter-ready. Changing up your accessories can help with this. You could add some rich colours that make the room feel warm, such as reds, dark green, and jewel-like tones. Or, you could opt for white but warm the colour scheme up a little with some metallic accessories in gold, rose gold, or bronze.

Add a Fireplace

Of all the things you can do to your room to make it feel more cosy, adding a fireplace is one of the best. Having a fireplace in your living room is the perfect addition for all year round. When you choose the perfect fireplace for your room, it delivers a style statement throughout every season. Selecting a fireplace for your home can be tough. There’s so many designs and styles to choose between. So you may find it helpful to start your search by turning to a company such as Bespoke Fireplace Designs. Having a custom fireplace made to match your style is the perfect way to get ready for winter without compromising the look of your room. You’ll certainly be glad to have your new fireplace when the cold weather strikes.

Introduce Texture and Layers

Layering up different textures is an excellent way to get that feeling of warmth and cosiness in your room. When you add some throws to the sofa, and some extra cushions, the room will instantly feel more winter-ready. 

Introducing different materials and textures to the room is also a great way to make it feel cosier. You could add chunky knit throws, and mix them with faux fur cushions for a Nordic style look. Popping a rug or two down on the floor will also bring more of a cosy feel to the space. 

Combining different layers of textures with your room accessories and ere-thinking your colour scheme will add some winter warmth to your room in no time. But to make it truly cosy, you can’t beat a fireplace.


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