SnüzPod 3 in 1 bedside crib review.

With babies being the most demanding little creatures on earth, every little helps. From bouncy chairs and swings to bedside cribs. I am so glad these became available, as they make life of a new mum so much easier. There aren't many bedside cribs to choose from to be honest, but I've loved the look and the idea of the beautiful SnüzPod* since the moment I first discovered it during my pregnancy.

What is SnüzPod? SnüzPod is a multi award-winning 3 in 1 bedside crib that makes 'co-sleeping' a safe option. I have always been worried about co-sleeping and tried to avoid it, but when you are breastfeeding, it is often the most comfortable option and you end up doing it occasionally, despite saying that you will never do it. The struggle is real guys - don't judge other mums, before you have to face the same challenges.

SnüzPod allows you to sleep safely next to your baby and it really gives you a lot of reassurance. You can check on them without getting up (especially handy if you had a c-section) and you won't be as paranoid that something might happen. I can't stress enough how much more relaxed I am with Mia sleeping next to me, but in her own space.

The design is genius and absolutely gorgeous! SnüzPod comes in four colours: Eco-White, Natural, Dove Grey and Espresso. I opted for the Dove Grey colour, as I was worried the white will get marked easily. It contrasts nicely with the Snüz logo and hinges as well. 

So what are the 3 functions? Well, you can either use it as a stand-alone crib, a bedside crib or a bassinet. You can also rock it gently, thanks to the curved edges. It really helps when your baby wakes from naps frequently, as you can just rock them back to sleep.

The materials used by The Little Green Sheep Company to make the SnüzPod are of the highest quality and you can definitely see it - the crib looks and feels soo luxurious! The removable bassinet is made of a breathable, washable fabric and features a zip-down mesh wall, so you can peek through to check on your baby easily.  

You can buy the SnüzPod with or without the mattress. Mine came with the chemical-free supportive Little Green Sheep mattress and I must admit - it feels amazing! So much better than any mattress I had for Zachary. He was an amazing sleeper though, so I was lucky. Mia on the other hand is a little princess and would probably love to sleep on a cloud :) haha. 

The SnüzPod can be used for the first 6 months of baby's life, or until they can sit, kneel or pull themselves up. I know that it might not seem like a long enough time to justify the price, but believe me - it makes a difference. And if  you are as exhausted as I am, you will pay any amount or buy any new gadget to make your life easier and get extra sleep. I am pretty sure that having a SnüzPod will be a norm soon, because it is simply amazing! 

You get special straps for securing your SnüzPod to your bed (both standard framed and Divan/solid base) and there are a couple of different heights to choose from, to ensure maximum comfort - from 35cm to 57cm. We have a tall divan bed and the SnüzPod is the perfect height on the highest level. The actual size of the SnüzPod is 100cm (length)x 42(width) x 95cm (max. height), just in case you're interested :)

To provide some storage, there is a 'shelf' on the bottom where you can store your essentials, like nappies, wipes or a change of clothes for your little one - just in case they decide to have a poop explosion in the middle of the night :) 

I almost forgot - the assembly was pretty straightforward according to my husband. It took him less than an hour. I think I could manage it myself too, as I have been practising building small furniture lately.

I absolutely love, love, love it! From the design, to the way SnüzPod helped and continues to help me as a new mum in the early days. It is very reassuring to have my baby next to me and be able to check on her without getting up. I had an emergency c-section, so I was in a lot of discomfort trying to get in and out of bed, so having Mia next to me was just perfect.

I am breastfeeding as well and it helps with that too. I often feed Mia without even taking her out of the SnüzPod, as she loves feeding while lying down. I end up with the other boob in agony and about 3 cup size bigger in the middle of the night, but hey... I just switch sides in the morning. She usually takes one breast at night anyway.

The only con is the same as with any other small crib - baby might hit the sides with their arms and wake up. I had the same problem with the Moses basket. Although, the sides of the SnüzPod are much softer, so there is less of a chance of baby waking up. 

The price is actually not that high if you ask me. You can get the SnüzPod with the mattress for only £199.95 at the moment (regular price is £219.95)! Considering the quality and the design, it is actually very reasonably priced. You can always keep it for your next baby or re-sell to get your money back. 

Just to clarify, I used the bedding set with a pillow just for the photos. I only let Mia sleep on a little pillow when she is under supervision. She sleeps with nothing in her cot at night, just a blanket tucked in on all sides. It's not advised to use anything in baby's cot to prevent cot death (this includes cot bumpers, 'wedges', body support pillows etc). I realise that some mums choose to use all of the above, but I have to mention it for babies safety.

I was also sent the Waterproof Mattress Protector*(£14.95) and I think it's an essential. You don't want your baby peeing through the nappy and sheets and damaging the mattress. You can also buy various accessories from Little Green Sheep, like bedsheets, mattresses and bedding sets. 

Sorry, if this post is a bit hectic, but I am seriously exhausted. The message is clear though - we LOVE our SnüzPod!

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*PR sample

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