Top Ways to Jazz Up the Hallway

Image source: Pexels

The connection point between your front door and the rest of your house, your entrance hallis the space you have no choice but to walk through every day. Therefore it's a high traffic area, meaning that it's going to be well used and well worn and you're going to really enjoy it daily, when you decorate it. If you don't pay attention to your entrance hall, you're going to find that your decor in the rest of the house looks shabby in comparison. So, you need to make sure that you put your entrance hall first and foremost on your list of priorities for decorating the house.

It is however one of the most difficult areas to truly design and whether you decide to add new carpet, upgrade your flooring or add a console table there is plenty that you can do to upgrade your entrance hall. So with that in mind let's take a look at the ways you can jazz up your hallway 

  • Add some art. Nothing really jazzes up an entrance hall like art. You can add more than one piece, or you can add one large piece to one of the walls, and you'll find that you have an effective decor result in an instant. People notice artwork when they walk into a house, but the trick here is to choose the right kind of art. You want to be able to complement the size and the shape of your hallway. So if your hallway is small, narrow and dark then a giant art piece is not going to work as well as smaller pieces dotted along the walls.

  • Fill the recess. If you have a wall recess in your entrance hall, decorate it. It's a Dead Space, so it's the perfect place to add the console table or hang a painting. You could even use the recess as a space where you hang coat hooks and you have a bench underneath for shoes.

  • Add some mirrors along the top. Going back to the idea of a narrow and dark hallway, adding some mirrors along the top of the walls is going to help to bounce that light around and reflect it a lot more. Not only will you make the space look bigger, but you'll ensure that it's lit up so you don't need to have lights on all of the time to be able to see where you're going.

  • Floating shelves. A good way to make use of your hall space is to add some floating shelves. Not only can you add a small plant pot onto these, but you can also add a bowl for your keys and somewhere for your wallet and even a stand for your phone. Of course, you just have to ensure that people can't see this shelf from the front door so that you're not going to get robbed. 


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