Home decor: photography and prints

I am a "home decor enthusiast" and I love to spend my free time decorating our house, even if I am only making small changes. We moved 4 times in the past 5 years, so I am always busy in the home decor department :) I am still working on the living room in our new house and I recently started decorating the walls, because they seemed really boring. We painted the main wall with a gorgeous mint green colour and it made a big difference. 

I have many photo frames in every room, but my son likes to pull them off the units and shelves, so ... I decided to create a "photo wall" in the dining area and you can see a sneak peek on the right photo below. I will add more frames in white, mint green and lime green and it should look really nice, once it is all finished.

The multi-frame on the left photo is above our desk area and I might add a couple of smaller ones around it in the future :)

Another photo on one of our living room walls is the big canvas of my baby boy :) I took this photo when Zac was 4 months old and my father in law got it printed for us. We don't have any red furniture in the living room anymore (we used to have red sofas), but I managed to make it fit into the decor and placed it above the corner sofa behind a chimney wall, with some cream and red flowers on a side table. I was worried that it will clash with the mint green wall, but the two areas are kind of separated, so it looks fine :)

I am also planning to get a massive canvas with mint green and white chevron print, but I am struggling to get it in the right size (at a reasonable price). I need it 200cm wide and 100cm high. I want it to match the colour of our main wall and I think it would look lovely above our corner sofa. Here is the print I prepared:

If you prefer professional photographs on your walls, you can always buy beautiful prints online, from talented artists. When I was browsing Saatchi Gallery, I came across some magical photographs, but most of them were out of my budget. You can see my two favourites below. 

There are no rules about where you put pictures and prints either. Yes, the living room is a great place to hang those art pieces that you truly love and want to appreciate when you're relaxing, but they can be a wonderful way to round off any room. Imagine you just had a beautiful new kitchen installed by a company like the Ramsbottom Kitchen Company and you want to add more decor, which matches the style. An eye catching print might be the finishing touch you need. They also work well in corridors and even bathrooms. Or you can switch them around rooms until you're happy. 

With my moving experience, I have always been particular about my interior to ensure it feels like home. It explains why moving my decor elements like glass photo frames safely from one point to the other has always been a priority. That is why using the right removal company is vital, as they make it a point to spare you the headache of damaged items. If you share the same beliefs and want your belongings, especially your home decor items, intact, consider trying this company. When that’s done, you can concentrate on settling in and decorating.


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