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If you remember how my blogging journey actually started, you will know that I was obsessed with jewellery and jewellery making and wanted to share my favourite purchases and things I made myself. It was fun and a perfect hobby. I am happy to report, that I still adore jewellery, but I tend to go for more subtle styles, suitable for everyday wear. Since I recently treated myself to some lovely pieces for my ears and was also  kindly sent a beautiful necklace by Daisy, it was a perfect excuse for me to do an old school haul and show you what I got. 

Let's start with the gorgeous Daisy Knot Charm Necklace*(£149.00), because I absolutely adore it. It is dainty, but the knot charm detail really makes a statement. It can be worn alone or layered with other pieces and expect to get lots of questions about it, because it is very unique and eye catching. 

Daisy are a London based jewellery brand known for meaningful everyday jewellery crafted from the highest quality 925 Sterling Silver and 18ct Gold and they aim to offer ethical and eco-conscious pieces designed with love and made to last. I'm not gonna lie, I have a wish list as long as my arm after looking at all their beautiful jewellery.

 The necklace came in a gorgeous gift box with a little pouch and an elegant gift bag. I love the attention to detail and the luxurious feel of the brand. Their pieces would make a perfect gift.

I mean... just look at this beauty! It's so, so pretty!

Now let's move onto my (self pierced) bejewelled ears! Yep, I pierced them myself as a teen (at 16), but I would not recommend that, cause we're responsible adults now, ok? Anyway... I have 5 piercings in my left ear (including my tragus) and 6 in my right ear, but as you can see, I also have 2 cuffs on the left and they don't require your ear to be pierced. 

Most of my earrings are from MeMe London and Celeste Starre (I got all of these on sale from TK maxx), but I also have a few lovely affordable pieces I picked up at Sainsbury's and the tragus barbell is from Claire's Accessories.

The cuffs: The one on the left was part of a set from TU at Sainsbury's and the one on the right is the CELESTE STARRE 18ct Gold Plated Full Moon Twinkle Cuff (£60). These are larger than your usual cuff and they sit really comfortably in the ear and don't actually slip off, even in my sleep. If you're not willing to get more holes in your ears, I would recommend a large cuff, because it looks amazing and there is no pain involved! I was really lucky to find this beautiful opal Celeste Starre cuff on sale and I am in love!!! Always check the size of the cuff, before you buy! I recently bought one and it was so tiny, haha. The Celeste Starre one is 1.5cm (see the photo of my left ear for an idea of what it looks like on).

Next, we have these Celeste Starre Poison Arrow Earrings (£65.00). Again, I bought these on sale and I'm soooo glad I did! Beautiful! They do a version with rhinestones on the hoop too and it is STUNNING, but very pricey! 

I usually swap between these and the lilac hoops or the evil eye hoops, depending on what I'm wearing that day.

I also ordered a pair of simple CELESTE STARRE 18ct Gold Plated Mini Coco Stud Earrings, but sadly I can't find a link for these. Similar here.

Next, we have MeMe London Otterly Earrings (£95.00) and I just love the detail. I also really like this kind of design. It's a hoop, but the part going into your ear is straight.

The MeMe London Bonita Earrings (£130) are a rainbow dream and I love the look of a double hoop. It gives an illusion of two piercings. Believe it or not, I got these with a 90% discount!!! WHAAAAT?

I struggled to photograph these laying flat, but you can have  a better look in the photos of my ears. These are Meme London Bonite (Lilac) Earrings in gold (£95.00). Yep, got these on sale too and I adore the colour and how elegant they look.

Now just look at these tiny MeMe London huggies. Oh my god! I never clicked BUY IT NOW so fast in my life, haha. Sadly these are sold out and I can't find a link anymore :(

Last but not least, I actually love these affordable evil eye earrings I picked up as part of a set in Sainsbury's. It was a set 4 earrings for £15.00 and they had a 50% discount on too. Bargain! So check out their jewellery section, when you're grocery shopping and you might find some gems.

For serious bargains, always checkout TKMaxx, they have the best jewellery deals.

I am currently looking for some pretty barbell earrings for my tragus, so drop me any recommendations on Instagram.

Sandra xxx

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