#TravelTips for your Summer Holiday packing!

AD - this post is a collaboration with Cosmetify

I'm currently on holiday and I would be lost without packing some travel friendly beauty minis. From makeup, to toiletries and skincare, it is so much easier to travel with smaller products, especially when you're flying with carry-on luggage and have to adhere to airport regulations. If you're planning a holiday and want to get all your minis ready, Cosmetify are a hub for all your favourite beauty brands with 160,000 products to choose from and they asked me to share my #TravelTips with you to help you prepare and pack! Would you like to see my picks from the website, along with some tips and hacks?

Packing a suitcase is a true skill and I honestly wish I could master it, but I always need some help to help me save space. Taking travel sizes is always a good idea and will save you space and money, by preventing going over your luggage allowance (we've all been there, right?). And let's not forget about the suncream! How do you pack enough suncream to your carry-on? Here are my tips and hacks:

MAKE A LIST- sit down and really think about what you need and how much product you will use during your holiday. If there is no need to take a massive 500ml shampoo, take a mini!

RESEARCH - if you're stuck, a quick Google search will provide you with plenty of packing inspiration from super organised people.

PREPARE - start a few weeks before your holiday, so you're not doing everything last minute. You might want to order a few things online and they can take time to arrive.

ORGANISE - Pack in categories and separate your items in packing cubes and compartments, so they're easier to find.

WEIGHT- you really don't want to go over your luggage allowance, so get some luggage scales to help you estimate the weight of your suitcase.

DUTY FREE - The only thing I would buy full size for my holiday would be suncream, so pack all the other stuff as minis, but get your full size suncream at the airport, this way you won't have to check it in!

And here are some my picks from the website:

DHC Travel Set (£11.72) - I adore DHC and this set is packed with some of my favourite products.
SACHAJUAN Thickening Shampoo (£7.50) and Conditioner (£8.25)- cute little minis from a good volumising range. My hair always needs that extra oomph!
Nuxe are one of my favourite brands and this Prodigieuse travel set (£18.50) comes with shower gel, body lotion, dry oil and perfume, all in the stunning Prodigieux scent.

I also like taking a bronzer/blush/highlight palette on all my travels to save space and this NIP+FAB Make Up Travel Palette in Medium/Dark (£9.95) is perfect!

And no makeup bag is complete without a setting spray, especially of you want your makeup to last all day in Summer heat! Urban Decay have you covered with the mini All Nighter (£10.00).

What are your must have travel minis?

Sandra xxx

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