Travel: Sky Garden London

When I was planning our first proper trip to London, the Sky Garden was one of the top places I wanted to visit. Offering beautiful 360° views of London and an amazing garden in the sky as the name suggests, I simply couldn't miss it!

Sky Garden is located at 20 Fenchurch Street in the 'walkie talkie' right in the centre of London, so it's really easy to get to.  The entry is completely free, you just have to book the tickets in advance on the website. Sunset tickets are the most popular of course, but it should be easy to book a spot if you don't want a specific time slot. The tickets are released on Mondays and you can only book a few weeks in advance.

One thing I have to mention is that it isn't your average building and you can't just appear willy-nilly. Even with a booking, you have to bring an ID matching your reservation and there is airport style security with the same kind of restrictions on liquids etc, so make sure you check out the website before you visit, as you don't want to be refused entry. Only small bags are allowed for example and you can't be late. There's also a time limit of 1 hour per time slot.

You can also book a table at one of the restaurants located in the Sky Garden, which will give you access the top floors, so keep that in mind, if you don't manage to get the free ticket.

Once you're in, you will go up in an elevator and you will be able to enjoy the greenery and the beautiful views of London from the sky. Absolutely breathtaking and I can only imagine how it would look at sunset! Sadly it was cloudy the morning we visited, but it cleared up a bit before we left.

The main purpose of my visit to the Sky Garden was to see London from the sky with 360 degree uninterrupted view across the city, but I was also really looking forward to admiring the three storey garden with the most beautiful plants and trees. There's an open air terrace as well, but it was closed due to the weather, such a shame! 

You can see some of London's most popular sky scrapers right in front of you and it's really impressive! If you want to have a meal, you can do so at one of the restaurants who accept some walk in guests as well as bookings of course, but you can grab a quick coffee, a drink or a sandwich at level 35.

Overall I really enjoyed our visit, I just wish the terrace was open that day. Next time we're in London, we might book tickets again, hopefully at sunset. It would be incredible! 

You can read more about the space and the booking system here:

*I have no affiliation with the Sky Garden

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