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I've had this trio from  Design.Me Hair for a while now and I have been using it a lot, so I thought I would pop a quick blog post up to tell you all about these, just in case you're not familiar with the brand.

Let's start with the*(£14.95) branded the 'mother of all hair treatments'. It's a multi-benefit lightweight leave-in treatment which helps to detangle, hydrate, smooth, strenghten and repair your hair. It offers free radical and heat damage protection, breakage prevention and helps to get rid of split ends. It will also make your colour last longer and prevent it from fading. It contains Vitamin E acetate, Provitamin B5 ,Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein and Silicone quaternium-16  and it's Sulfate free, salt free and paraben free. I use it mostly on my ends and it helps so much with the damage my recent blonde moment did to my hair. I dyed it brown to match my natural colour but it will never be the same as my gorgeous virgin hair, so this treatment is a must to keep it in good condition.

Next we have the PowerDry.Me*(£14.95) which promises to reduce blowdrying time by 50% ! Does it work? Yep! It not only reduces drying time, but offers frizz control, heat and UV Protection, while smoothing & conditioning the hair at the same time. Perfect! How does it work though? It's a microemulsion which forms a lubricious thin layer around the hair fibers providing better alignment of the fibers thus preventing entrapment of water molecules due to tangling. I must admit, after not blow drying my hair for years I started doing it more often recently, so it's good to have this product to reduce the drying time and minimise heat damage.

Last, but not least Puff.Me*(£9.95). I have thin hair which lacks volume and I have been using volumising powders for years. They usually come in a little shaker, but this one is a spray which is very handy.  It's suitable for fine hair and provides maximum volume and body. You simply spray some of it into your roots, massage it in and your hair literally doubles in size! I absolutely love it and I use it every time I style my hair to add more volume. You don't have to add more once your hair goes a bit flat again, you just fluff it up a bit with your fingers and the volume is back.

I am so glad the brand launched in the UK, as the products are fantastic. They are available to buy from online and in store.

Have you tried any products from Design Me?

Sandra xxx

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