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I love Merumaya and I use their toner and cleansing balm regularly, so I am always excited to try their new products. I have been using the Retinol Resurfacing Treatment*, Concentrated Spot Treatment* and Lip Line Restoration Treatment* for a while now and I am really impressed with all three.

The RETINOL RESURFACING TREATMENT* (30ml, £35.50) is possibly my favourite out of the three, as it really helps with scarring, discolouration and skin texture, which is something I struggle with as a result of frequent breakouts. The treatment contains:

-Vitamin A (Retinol) - used in the maximum permitted dose for healthy, younger skin cells.
-Aroleat Samphira - to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even out the skin tone, regulate sebum and reduce inflammation
-Mediacalm - restores softness to the skin and provides intense soothing
-Two different molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid - for a double effect of retaining moisture and preventing spots
 -Squalane - for reinforcing skin’s natural moisture barrier.

The texture of the treatment is very silky and feels lovely on the skin. I use it a few times per week, at night time only (you can't use it during the day) and my skin feels amazing in the morning, so soft and supple! And my scars are fading so quickly! I highly recommend it of you have scarring, breakouts and uneven skin texture etc. It's such a great treatment. Just remember to apply SPF during the day, if you're using retinol!

And speaking of spots.... I have been using the CONCENTRATED SPOT TREATMENT* (10ml, £14.50) to reduce redness, inflammation and heal those pesky breakouts quickly. This product works in four ways: it removes skin blockages,controls excess sebum, fights bacteria that causes breakouts and calms redness and inflammation

I apply it directly onto spots, at night time and when I wake up, the size of the blemish is reduced by at least 50% and starts to dry out, but without that horrible crusty feeling, so your makeup will still go on nicely. Again, I highly recommend it! It is the best spot treatment I have ever tried. I used to swear by the Origins one, but it is quite drying, so this is my new fave! Does the same (possibly better) job but without the dryness. #winning

Last but not least, the newest release - the LIP LINE RESTORATION TREATMENT* (10ml, £19.50). We are all obsessed with lips these days (I blame Kylie Jenner) and anything that helps them recover from matte lipsticks is a winner in my books. And who doesn't want a perfect smooth base for lipsticks, right? This clever product offers instant results (and long term benefits), making your lips smoother, softer and plumper in seconds. The treatment contains a few magic ingredients:

-Dermaxyl - to reduce lines
-Epidermosil- to add firmness and elasticity and reduce deep wrinkles
-Seacode- for reducing the visible signs of ageing in the short and long term
-PEPHA®-TIGHT - to give an instant effect of tightness
-Sodium Hyaluronate (a hyaluronic acid)- to help retain moisture, smooth, soften and plump.
-Vitamin E - antioxidant to prevent skin ageing
-Oat Lipid e - helps support skin’s natural lipid barrier to add and retain moisture

I simply apply a tiny amount onto my lips before I put liquid lipstick on and the difference is huge. My lips look smoother and plumper and whatever lip product I am using goes on so much better and stays put for longer, without 'bleeding'. I only use this with matte lipsticks, as they are the ones that usually make my lips look dry and 'older'.  Such a fab product. If you love matte lipsticks or have dry lips with visible lines, this is a game changer!

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