HoMedics Duo Salon WEEK 5 update + user review and 'how to'. #AD

It's been 5 weeks since I started using the HoMedics Duo Salon IPL* and as promised, I wanted to give you a little update and a user review of the device with a step by step guide on how to use this at home IPL system. So how am I getting on with my #SmoothForSummer mission?

It's been a pretty good 5 weeks actually. As you are only meant to do treatments every 2 weeks, I only did my legs twice so far, but I can already see results. And let me tell you - the freeglide mode makes it an absolute breeze! 

So let's get started! The HoMedics Duo Salon is an at home device, but it offers great, permanent results thanks to the combination of IPL and Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT FREEGLIDE™). Duo Salon also features Active Cooling Technology, which makes the treatments completely pain free and more pleasant. It really is the fastest and most powerful at home IPL offering on the market.

The device currently retails at £549.99 and comes in a stylish white vanity carry case for easy storage. 

Inside, we have the device itself, a facial adaptor, a user guide and the power cable. It's important to read all the instructions before starting your treatment to make sure you are doing it safely and effectively. It is very easy to follow, you just have to be patient.

Before you start your treatments, you have to establish what level is suitable for you and perform a patch test to see if you are sensitive to IPL. Some people react with redness etc, so it's very important to do this. And no sun exposure before and after the treatments. I avoid tanning, so it's not a concern for me, but I once took a hot bath after IPL and I had to get out of it immediately as the heat made the treated areas feel like they were on fire, so I would avoid any sort of heat after your treatments.

The only slightly annoying thing about any IPL treatment is the fact that you have to pre-shave the area before each treatment. I use an electric shaver, but a razor is the best option. Longs the hair is less than 2mm long, you're fine. The reason why you have to shave is for the IPL to reach the hair follicle directly where the heat kills the hair and in effect, the hair then simply falls out/sheds naturally after a while. 

Once you do your patch test and everything seems ok after a day or two and you're legs are smooth and ready, you can get on with your treatments. You simply plug your device in, switch the power button on (it's at the back) and wait a minute or two till the machine is ready.

Next, you pick the level. 1 and 2 are for the freeglide mode, which is continuous and perfect for legs, arms and bigger areas. Levels 3-5 feature single pulses of light, so you have to press the button each time to treat a specific area. The single shot IPL is ideal for more stubborn hair, like bikini line and underarms.

If you're using the device on your body, you don't need anything extra, but for your face, you need the facial adaptor, which is super easy to pop onto the device. You also have to wear the protective glasses (included in the box) when you're doing your face and make sure you never do the treatment above your cheekbones for safety reasons.

Here's the device with the facial adaptor on. It is a bit smaller. I am starting my upper lip this week, so will let you know how I get on with that next time.

The freeglide mode is my favourite, as it's quick and easy. I go for level 2 and glide over both of my legs in around 15-20 minutes. Even if it takes you 30 minutes, that's still a short time if you do the treatment every 2 weeks. It's so worth it!

I did my bikini line once so far with the single IPL shots and it does take a bit more precision and time, but as the bikini area isn't that big, it only takes about 10 minutes.

Not everyone can use IPL and it works best if there is a contrast between the hair and skin colour. It works amazingly well on fair skin with dark hair, which is the case with my legs and bikini area. I try to avoid the sun, but I have an olive skin tone and I tan easily so in the summer my arms go really brown, so the treatment would be less effective on that area for me personally, but I am willing to try it. 

I can always see the hairs that have been treated, as they grow much thinner and when I pull on individual hair, it just comes out, which is an odd feeling, but very fascinating. If the hair falls out like that, it means the IPL is working and you treated that specific hair follicle at the right stage of growth. Repeated IPL treatments ensure that you catch all the hair at the right stage eventually, so none of it grows back.

My sister managed to get this 'action shot' where you can see me using the device in the freeglide mode on my legs. I am really looking forward to all the hair on my legs to be gone, as I hate the little balck dots of pigment. I have jet black body hair, so it is visible about 24 hours after a close shave or when I use an electric shaver, it never goes away. When the hair falls out, there will be no pigment left in the follicle, so the black dots will be gone. Yay!

I wrote more about the device in my previous blog post (READ HERE), so head there to find out more. I am very pleased with the results so far and I am really looking forward to seeing more and more hair disappear with each treatment. I will be back with another update in 5 weeks time, which will be after my 5th fortnightly treatment. I am not expecting all the hair to be gone by then, but even if it's 50%, I will be very happy and I will continue till it's all gone. 

You can buy the HoMedics Duo Salon from www.homedics.co.uk and from Argos.

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