Ready for the picnic season!

I love picnics, I really do. My husband is probably sick of me dragging him to parks with blankets and cool bags... Ooops. I am not even sorry, haha. Even Zachary (who turns 6 soon) is all about that picnic vibe and whenever it's sunny, he asks if we're going to have a picnic. He's definitely my child. We had our first picnic of 2017 at Loch Lomond in March, when the weather was absolutely beautiful and a few in the garden in April, including the one in the photos.

We were testing out some new bits and bobs from Amara Living, including this stunning Joules Picnic Basket*(£90.00). I've always wanted a proper picnic basket, as the ones I have are very basic and don't have a strap. This one is just perfect and it features a gorgeous Joules fabric inside, making it even prettier.

 Inside, there's everything you might need for a picnic, including a matching cool bag, wine glasses, plates, napkins, cutlery etc.

 There's even a wine/bottle opener and salt & pepper shakers! The cutlery is actually better quality than my current one I have at home, haha. Very sturdy and well made. The dishes are plastic for safety reasons and to make it all a bit lighter.

 How pretty does it all look? I am loving blue at the moment! 

 The blanket we used at the picnic is by Amara and you can find similar ones here. It has waterproof lining underneath and comes with a little harness and handle to make it easy to transport (see photo below). You just roll it up and then put the strap on. Easy, peasy!

I also picked some new pottery, which is my weakness. You know how obsessed I am with it! The Baking Dish is by Bunzlau Castle*(£40.00) and the Beautiful Jug is by Burleigh*(£29.00). Both are simply stunning and I am now itching to start a new collection in this vibrant blue colour.

 I made a healthy salad for lunch and served it in the baking dish. It was so delicious! 

Mia's hair is out of control! My little lioness!

I can't wait for more sunny weather, so we can enjoy another picnic (although if you have a conservatory with strong elements from Clear Amber Shop, you could even have an indoor picnic, so the weather doesn’t matter). The kids love it and I like preparing the food and setting it all up. Even if it's just a small lunch and nothing fancy, it is so nice to make it that little bit more special, spend some time outside and do fun family stuff. We always take bubbles with us, as the kids love chasing them.
Do you like picnics?

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