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You all know how much of an Emma Bridgewater addict I am, right? I am obsessed! My favourite EB pattern is Wallflower, so when the stunning VQ Retro Mini Radio* (£79.99) became available in my beloved design, I knew I had to have it. 

 VQ radios are pretty iconic and I've had my eye on the Retro Mini for a long time. It is small, but this means that it fits into your home perfectly and it's easy to take with you for a picnic etc. It is wrapped in premium leatherette, available in various designs, including most Emma Bridgewater patterns. Ideal for any EB enthusiast. 

 Obviously, the first thing I have to mention is the beautiful design, but it's a radio, so let's talk about the specs. The Retro Mini features DAB, DAB+ and FM radio reception which means you have access to the full range of digital and analogue services across the UK and Europe. You can also connect it to any smart device via Bluetooth, or using a 3.5mm aux-in connection. I often connect it to my iPad to listen to my Spotify playlists. So easy to use!

The radio also has a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB charging port so you can charge up your phone/iPad etc whenever you need more power, or while you stream music. 

The quality of the sound is outstanding, thanks to the design & engineering with a premium real wood construction and a powerful speaker. 

 I also love the fact that you can either plug it in, or use batteries on the go. Apparently the batteries will run for 15 hours, which would be awesome, but I will have to test that. I only had some old batteries to try out  on the go and they died quickly.

Another great feature is a dual alarm (his & hers or week & weekend), very useful if you have the radio on your bedside table.

 Nothing better than being able to match your radio to your favourite mug!

I am so pleased with my VQ Retro Mini Radio. It's so nice to be able to just stream my Spotify playlists or listen to the radio on a good quality device. I was so sick of my iPad being very quiet and generally rubbish and now I can enjoy music properly with this VQ beauty!

Available from www.myvq.com


*gifted item

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