What I got for Christmas

As most of you said that you would like to see a 'What I Got For Christmas' post, here it is. We didn't go crazy with gifts this year and some of these are from 'me to me' to be honest, as Scott and I just focus on the kids every year.

I got this gorgeous PIP Studio Teacup and Saucer from Scott's sister and I absolutely love it. I already treated myself to another one from this collection in a cappuccino colour, as they are pretty affordable at only £13.00 for the set. My Emma Bridgewater collection is huge, so I might just build a nice new tea set with these and save myself some pennies.

I love pom pom hats and this baseball cap in a gorgeous nude colour is a perfect addition to my collection. It was a gift from Scott's mum and you probably already seen me wearing it on my Instagram. And these slippers are a bargain I picked up in the HOF sale - omg, so comfy!!!

These beauties are from TKmaxx and I picked them up with some Christmas money I had. An owl cocktail shaker and marble notebook with a clip, so I can do my planning and notes on the sofa.

A cute mini Moet in a cracker. Very instagram worthy. And a new bottle of Eden Perfume.

I absolutely love this little bag Scott's mum got me. So so cute, but it's tiny! Can't fit anything inside, so I might exchange it for something bigger. It's so adorable though.

Lots of sweeties of course, including these.

The Aromatherapy Associates Star Jewels Trio which features some of my AA's favourite scents. You know how much I love their bath oils, I talk about them all the time!

And...... I finally treated myself to this beautiful Emma Bridgewater Cake Dome. I have been dreaming about it for a long time, so I snapped it up in the sale for £45.50, instead of the usual £64.95. It looks stunning on my EB cake plates and cake stands. They never reduce it any further, so this was kind of a bargain, as ridiculous as it might sound, haha. When I think about it... would I spend £120 on a cake stand with a dome? Nope, but I bought it separate, both in the sale, so it worked out a bit cheaper and I felt less guilty. After all, I don't spend money on myself very often and this is a a real treat and sits proudly on my dining table at all times.

Last but not least, a very random Christmas present, a little coffee table. Scott got it for me from Home Bargains, because I have wanted to order a similar one online, but it was sooo overpriced. This one was £9.99!!! Whaaaat? Yep, they still have loads left in white and mint green too. Gorgeous!

Just like I said on Twitter, nothing extravagant, just a few lovely bits and bobs and I am very grateful for all of them.

Sandra xxx

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