Sapporo Teppanyaki Glasgow Dessert Menu

You probably know how much I love desserts! I live for desserts! That's why I just couldn't turn down an invite to Sapporo Teppanyaki Glasgow for an evening of dessert tasting and cocktails. Oh my! It was like a dream come true! All my fellow sweet tooths out there will completely understand my excitement!

I've actually heard about Sapporo Teppanyaki before and my husband always drives past it when he is out working, but we never really had the time to try it. It is a Japanese restaurant/bar, situated in Merchant City and it is famous for an incredible atmosphere and great food. If you don't know what the Teppanyaki experience is all about, I will quickly fill you in. 

The word 'teppanyaki' is derived from 'teppan', which means iron plate, and 'yaki', which means grilled, It's a culinary art where highly skilled chefs prepare and cook the food right before your eyes. You are seated at a table around the cooking area, along with other diners and your food is being cooked and served straight off the grill onto your plate. We didn't have any of the actual food that evening, as we were tasting the desserts, but we watched the 'show' and it was awesome! Our chef was absolutely hilarious, doing tricks and making us laugh soooo much! He also set light to the grill (twice, as I missed the first time and I really wanted a picture). I literally cried with laughter at the table! We had some lovely people seated around the grill with us as well: a young couple and a birthday girl with her parents. I am not a very social person, but I really enjoyed seating at a joint table. More people joined the table later as well, with another chef on the other side.

We started with some drinks, as you do. I opted for a delicious Japanese Mojito with fresh lime, sugar & mint, infused with saké and Midori. It was soooo good! (I had two, shhhhh!). I am not a drinker, but the alcohol taste was very subtle, so I really enjoyed it. Scott was driving that evening, so he chose one of the mocktails called ElderFlower Breeze, made with apple juice and elderflower cordial with a hint of fresh lime and mint. Yum!

When our first course of desserts arrived, we couldn't believe how big they were, especially my cheesecake - huuuuge! The presentation was stunning as well and I just couldn't wait to tuck in!

The White Chocolate Cheesecake was served in a cute kilner style jar filled with layers of crushed biscuits, caramel and super creamy white chocolate cheesecake, topped with fresh fruit. It was to die for! One of the best desserts I have ever had and sooo, sooo filling! It came with a side of vanilla ice cream on a bed of crumble biscuit and chocolate shavings. When my husband tasted it and I ended up sharing it with him, as he loved it too.

Just look at the presentation - so beautiful! And the generous portions are an added bonus. I would pay £6.00 for this amazing dessert any time!

Scott loves Eaton Mess and I knew he was going to order it first, haha. Again, it was served in a lovely jar, which is a nice touch. A perfect combination of crushed homemade meringue, berries, double cream and vanilla pods. You just can't go wrong with Eaton Mess. 

How fab does this messy goodness look in a jar? I know how I will be serving Eaton Mess at my next dinner party :)

For the next course, we opted for some of the deep fried desserts. I have always wanted to try sweet spring rolls and banana tempura. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

My Chocolate Spring Rolls were served with a side of vanilla ice cream and fruit and they were absolutely delicious! Crunchy on the outside, filled with hot milk chocolate. I thought one of them was going to have white chocolate inside, but it didn't :( I am a white chocolate addict! I still loved every bit of it though. 

My husband ordered the Banana Tempura, which is basically sliced banana in a light batter. I am not gonna lie - it was incredible! I am still thinking about it ... You have to try it! Topped with chilli infused honey and served with banoffee ice cream, it is an absolute dream! 

I am looking at the photos and I want to go back in time!

Now onto the ice cream! We tried all of the flavours! Yep... I could barely move afterwards. I started with Coconut - which was light and creamy at the same time and the delicious taste of coconut was right up my street. Topped with fresh fruit and mint, it was perfection!

On the left we have vanilla - creamy and super indulgent! On the right, the star of the show - banoffee - HEAVENLY! My husband couldn't stop talking about it and he is not a big sweet tooth at all, so it means a lot coming from him!

Strawberry and Decadent Chocolate. I enjoyed it more than I expected. The two flavours work so well together. The fruity taste of  strawberries and the richness of chocolate will give your taste buds all the feels!

Something different and super refreshing - Green Tea Ice Cream. Such a unique flavour. It was like a sorbet and it was perfect for cleansing the palette.

I ordered a Fruit Platter as well, as I wanted something refreshing before we headed home. We were supposed to try two more desserts - the Chocolate Lava Cake and Coconut Rice Pudding With Fresh Mango, but we just couldn't fit anymore in. I was sooo, sooo full! It's official- I've been defeated. I used to say that I can eat any amount of dessert, but I can't, haha :) I was in a sugar coma for hours after this feast! So was my husband. We loved every second of it though.

This is the bar area, where you can have some drinks before you are seated.

Just sipping on my delicious Mojito. Yuuuuuum!

Sapporo Teppanyaki have two more locations - Manchester and Liverpool. 

You can see the chef preparing the food and putting on a show for us on the photos above. We had such a great time and I haven't laughed like this in ages. Oh my... You know, when you just laugh uncontrollably till you can't breathe... that kind of laugh. He was throwing potatoes in the air and we were trying to catch them with our mouth! Oh my.... My tummy muscles were sore the next day, haha. The food looked amazing and our desserts were absolutely delicious. We can't wait to go back to enjoy the Teppanyaki experience. I will be trying the remaining desserts for sure! I also have to mention, that the staff were the loveliest and most friendly bunch I have ever had a pleasure to meet! So welcoming and kind.

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