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With Summer just around the corner, sorting out protective swimwear for the kids was one of my priorities. That's where Frugi came to the rescue. With a big selection of swimsuits for babies, toddlers and bigger kids, they will keep your precious ones safe from the sun and looking stylish too.

For Zachary, I wanted a two piece with long sleeves and quite long trouser legs and the Sun Safe Set*(£26.00) seemed perfect. With a UPF 50+ factor to protect from UVA and UVB rays, it will protect from any sun damage of the covered areas. Fab! The less sunscreen I have to use on my kids, the better. After all, we don't want chemicals on their delicate skin.

The set consists of a long-sleeved striped rash vest with blue sleeves and a fish illustration at the front and coordinating long shorts. Zachary is absolutely obsessed with this set and he often insists on wearing it in the house or as pyjamas, haha :) This proves to me how comfy it must be, thanks to the soft cooling fabric with flat seams. Any other time, Zac wants to be practically naked, so this is a winner for me! Amazing! I can't recommend it enough.

For Mia, I opted for a one piece, as they are better suited for babies in my opinion. We picked the gorgeous flower print Little Sun Safe Suit*(£24.00) . |Just like Zachary's suit, this one also features a UPF 50+ factor and is chlorine safe with an Oeko-Tex standard. All I need to keep my bubba safe. Again,  the suit seems super comfy and is absolutely adorable. I can't believe how cute Mia looks in it.

I obviously use these when kids go swimming, but I also let them wear the swimsuits when we're playing in the garden for longer periods of time or having picnics etc, so we get more use of the pieces and take advantage of the fab protection they offer.

And here are my gorgeous kiddies wearing the swimwear and having fun :) As you are not allowed to photograph kids at swimming pools, we had an impromptu photoshoot int he kitchen, haha :) I also just realised that Mia has a big lipstick mark on her cheek on all the photos, as I just can't stop kissing her.

Overall, we are in love with the pieces we picked and I seriously cannot recommend these enough, if you have kids and want to keep them sun safe this summer. The prices are fab too!

This blog post is part of a project I am working on with Frugi and other bloggers, so it would be fab, if you could check out Lauren's post at, who's also reviewing Frugi swimwear today.

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