UK's most popular beauty products!

With makeup and beauty trends changing each year, our purchases are easily influenced and we usually end up buying the latest mascaras, lipsticks or the new amazing fake tan everyone's raving about. Well... we can now actually see what products we spend the most money on, thanks to Beauty Bay's fantastic Beauty Map! The map shows most bought beauty products in the UK, by county and the results might surprise you. 

Turns out, that the full of UK really loves a good brow, as eyebrow products add up to 25% of ALL makeup sales across the country! I am not surprised to be honest, as it's all about the brows these days, thanks to Cara Delevingne and the raise of  'instagram makeup artists' who are brow obsessed! I personally tried every single type of brow product - from pencils, to gels, waxes, pomades etc. My firm favourite is still the Anastasia Brow Wiz! So easy to use and the effect is just perfect! I also love the Illamasqua Brow Gel.

Number 2 across the UK is quite surprising to me - makeup brushes! I think we can safely blame (or thank) vloggers and bloggers for this one, as our brush collections are ridiculously big. I personally have over 100 brushes, all of amazing quality! Good tools are essentials for creating a lovely makeup look and it reflects in the sales. Brushes are often bought as gifts, so this could be another reason why they are so high on the list. One type of brush I recommend to everyone is a good eye shadow blending brush, like the Bdellium Tools 776 or Zoeva 227. Both are fantastic and dupes of the cult MAC 217.

Above, you can see top 10 products for Central Scotland, where I am based. Eyebrows and makeup brushes are in the top 2, followed by nail polish and foundation. I expected fake tan to be higher on the list, but it's a number 8.

If you want to find out if Essex girls really spend every penny on fake tan and if the scouse brow reflects on eyebrow product sales in Liverpool, check out the Beauty Map for yourself!

I was thinking about the products I spend my money on and I must agree - I spend most of my money on eyebrows and makeup brushes. 

What was the best seller in your county? What makeup products do you spend your money on?

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