What's In My Baby Changing Bag

If you're a mum, you will know that the amount of stuff you have to carry with you for the baby is ridiculous! I try not too take too much with me, but I usually end up with 3 bags, haha. Here's the one with all of Mia's essentials. 

Let's start with the bag itself. It's a gorgeous byStroom Grace Bag*(£130.00) in grey. I absolutely love it, because it doesn't look like a standard changing bag and I will be able to use it once Mia grows out of nappies etc. Yay! It's really well made and comes with 3 accessories: a bottle holder, a toiletry bag and a changing mat. The bag has plenty of pockets and compartments and it is very spacious, Perfect!

 Plenty of stuff inside, mostly for Mia, but the toiletry bag is now my makeup bag and I keep all of my own essentials inside :)

 1. WaterWipes - absolute essential , with no nasties, which is very important to me! Other wipes are loaded with chemicals.

2. Nappies - I really like Asda ones, but I use other brands too sometimes.

3. Changing mat - because you don't want poop on your in-laws new carpet :)

4. Nappy sacks.

5. Antibacterial hand gel to get rid of the germs.

6. Bonjela (in the bin now!) I actually only used it a few times and then decided not to use it ever again, because it contains questionable ingredients.

7. Lanolips + Orabase - I mix these two to create a balm for Mia's bum, but only when it's red or irritated. I was recommended the Orabase in neonatal, as it's used on premature babies to heal their nappy rash and wounds on their little bums. They used it mixed with paraffin, but I prefer something kinder to skin, so I use Lanolin. Honestly - this mixture heals the worst nappy rash overnight! I cannot recommend it enough. AMAZING!

8. Badger Baby Balm - I use it on any dryness or mixed with Orabase on nappy rash. Also great for cradle cap. Great price too!

9. Baby paracetamol and syringe (easiest way to give medicine to a small baby).

10. Burt's Bees Baby Bee Oil - I use coconut oil to moisturise Mia's skin after bath time, but I have this to use on my own hands, if they're dry because I am trying to use it up. Turns out Burt's Bees isn't as natural as they claim to be... Grrrr!

11. Baby Book for Mia's immunisations etc.

12. Mamascarf* to cover up while breastfeeding. Great, if I want to feed in public, but don't want to flash anyone :) haha. I opted for black because it's my favourite colour. I will talk more about the Mamascarf and other Mama designs in a separate post.

13. Breast pads - because my boobs leak a lot :) 

14. Hair tie - to keep my hair out of the way when breastfeeding.

15. Toiletry bag with my makeup inside.

 16. Bottle, container with pre-measured Aptamil formula and bottle holder - just in case Mia is fussy or super hungry and boobie isn't cutting it.  I usually have one of the ready to use bottles of Aptamil with me too, as I like to be prepared for any scenario!

 17. Change of clothes - in case of a poop explosion :)

18. Dribble bibs. The grey one with stars is a Snoodie* and the one with a cherry blossom print is by Kosybaby. Both lovely, soft and fab for dribbly little babies.

 19. Dummy - Mia isn't a fan of dummies, but I have it in the bag, just in case.

10. Selection of teething toys. We have the Dr Brown's Watermelon, Sophie La Giraffe and a Milk Moustache Apparel Teething Ring. All approved by Mia :)

I think that's it. I will have to add more stuff soon, as we started weaning, but hey... I am already carrying so much, it won't make a difference :)

*PR samples

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