Brand Focus: Mama Designs (Babasac, Mamascarf & Snoodie)

From all the baby brands available on the market, I love the ones with an amazing mama behind the products. Mama Designs is a brain child of a very inspirational mumtrepreneur Keira, who came up with a couple of fantastic ideas to make our 'momlife' easier. I've been using the Babasac, Mamascarf and Snoodie since last year and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

My favourite item out of the three must be the Babasac*(£37.99-£39.99). I am a huge fan of sleeping bag for babies and I used them since Zachary was born till he was 2 years old. I knew I will be using one for Mia too, so I was delighted to receive the beautiful Babasac in a cloud print with a mint green trim, once Mia grew out of her first sleeping bag.

What makes the Babasac stand out is the innovative multi-tog design with a detachable quilted layer inside for colder months. The extra layer is attached with a zip and velcro, making the sleeping bag 2.5 tog and once you detach it, it's a 1.0 tog bag- ideal for warmer months or all year round (depending on the temperature of your room etc).

Using a sleeping bag for my babies was a no-brainer. With a high risk of suffocation and cot death, when using blankets, a sleeping bag is a genius idea. I can sleep at night, without worrying that Mia will kick the blanket off or pull it over her face. There is no risk of either while using a sleeping bag.

Babasac is available in 5 colours/designs and 3 sizes (0-6, 6-18 and 18-36 months). We have the 6-18 month size and I have been using it on Mia since she was 5 months old. She still has plenty of room left in it, so it should last us till she's 2. 

The outer zip makes night time nappy changes super easy (I never had to do a night time nappy change with Mia actually, as she never pooped at night, haha) and the 100% cotton fabric feels soft and luxurious. Unlike 3 of the other sleeping bags I used in the past, this fabric doesn't go all bobbly and horrible, which is very important to me.

I cannot recommend the Babasac enough. It is amazing and the quality is fantastic! 

I adore the grey colour and the white clouds make it super cute. Perfect for a girl or a boy. This design will go with most nursery themes as well. I am obsessed!

I had to fold it on the bottom to fit it into the Snuzpod :) It didn't upset Mia and she slept really well regardless.

Cutie Pie!

Now onto the Mamascarf*(£17.99). As a breastfeeding mum, I love products that make it more comfortable. I personally don't mind feeding in public, longs I am covered up. With the Mamascarf, you can cover up easily, without worrying that someone's going to see your breasts. It also gives extra support to prevent back and arm ache (we've all been there!). 

The scarf is made of 100% cotton and comes in one size that fits all and is also suitable for babies of all ages. What I like about it is the fact that it creates a little private space for you and your baby, where you can maintain eye contact and eliminate any distractions - Mia is sooo nosy and wants to see everything, so using the Mamascarf helps me keep her focused on the feeding, instead of looking around. 

Available in 4 colours (cream, black, grey and retro leaf).

I will add a photo of me using it, when I get a good one :) Promise!

The last item is a Snoodie*(£6.95) - a dribble bib/snood for your baby, that is very practical, but also super stylish. It features an absorbent layer inside, double poppers to make adjusting the size easier and most importantly - it catches baby dribble amazingly well! You can pick from many different colours/designs, including this gorgeous unisex grey one with white stars.

OMG, these photos were taken back in November! She has changed sooo much since then!

Overall, I adore all Mama Designs products and can't recommend them enough. You need the Babasac and Snoodie in your babies life no matter what and if you're breastfeeding, the Mamascarf is a godsend.

Mama Designs also offer gorgeous cellular blankets and reusable bamboo breast pads. I should probably order both to be honest, as I need a breathable Spring/Summer blanket for Mia and some eco friendly breast pads too :) And after browsing the website tonight for ages, I also discovered the cloud print bunting to match our Babasac! 

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