Vitamix: Vegan Ice Cream + Frozen Desserts

I am still obsessed with my Vitamix Pro 500* and I even got my husband into trying many of my creations. This instalment is all about frozen desserts, including healthy ice cream and smoothie bowls. They are super easy to create and taste AMAZING!

Raspberry and creamed coconut sorbet

Oh my... This combo is to die for! I used 2 cups of frozen raspberries and 1/2 cup of creamed coconut and mixed it on the 'frozen desserts' setting. That's it! It literally takes less than 2 minutes. You can add a little bit of agave nectar, if you like your desserts sweeter, but I think that the raspberries and coconut on their own are delicious enough. (serves 2 people)

Peaches and cream
For this mouth watering combination, you will need two tins of peaches (or 8-10 fresh peaches) and coconut milk or cream. You simply freeze them overnight, pop into your vitamix with a splash of coconut cream when you fancy some ice cream and you are done. Yum! Again, you can add something to sweeten it.

Banana & Peach Smoothie bowl
Blend 1/2 frozen banana, 3 frozen peach halves and 100ml of coconut milk on the 'frozen desserts setting'. I like having smoothie bowls for breakfast, topped with fresh fruit. They are a great alternative to yogurts. If you wonder what a smoothie bowl is, it is something between a smoothie and ice cream, served in a bowl. I am pretty sure that they were created either by making a smoothie that was too thick to drink or ice cream too runny to call it ice cream :) haha. 

Acai Smoothie Bowl
I just love the way acai berries (or powder) turns my smoothies bright purple! For this bowl, I used 1 frozen banana, 1tbsp of acai powder and 100ml of almond milk and topped it with dried dates, goji berries, chia seeds and kiwi. 

I also made delicious vegan coconut ice cream (recipe HERE) and plain banana ice cream in my vitamix and they are the variations I make quite often. Sooo good! If you make too much ice cream (I do most of the time) you can store it in the freezer and let it defrost slightly before serving. I also like storing different kinds of healthy ice cream to be able to have two flavours together (see the first picture).

The next instalment will be about hot soups and sauces and I cannot wait to share some of my recipes with you. It is pure MAGIC!

You can read more about the Vitamix pro 500 in this post.

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