My first Bioslimming Wrap

Losing weight/inches is something I have been trying to do for the past 3 years and it is much harder than I expected. I am not talking about a couple of pounds here... I was slightly overweight when I fell pregnant, so after 9 moths of eating far too much (it was all healthy stuff FIY) I ended up huge and my stomach was insanely big at 42 weeks. Yep - I was 2 weeks overdue as well... Unfortunately I ended up bigger than ever, with tons of stretch marks and some loose skin after having Zachary and I am not exaggerating when I say that I am planning a tummy tuck after my next pregnancy. I am nowhere near my goal yet and like most people, I have my ups and downs, but to help me feel better in my own skin, I decided to give the Bioslimming treatments a go. I didn't expect miracles and I was just happy to treat my skin to some TLC it deserves, but... I was amazed with the difference after just one Bioslimming wrap at Westfield Complementary Health in Mauchline.

I went for the Hourglass & Upper Arms option (£69.00 per treatment), which starts just under your breasts and goes all the way down to the lower thigh, plus upper arms. You can just get the hourglass done as well and it costs £59.00. Also, if you book 6 treatments, you will get a discount. You are probably wondering, what is Bioslimming and should I consider it? Is it just another craze?  Does it actually work? Well... Let me tell you more about it.

Bioslimming is basically a body wrap created to burn fat, reduce inches and the appearance of cellulite, firm, tone and soften your skin. It uses a combination of natural active ingredients to stimulate Lipolysis which is the process of fat burning within the fat cell. The products used for the treatment are 100% safe and contain many Plant Extracts, High Concentration of Caffeine, Essential Oils, Algae Extract & Thermo Agents (hot & cold). They can't be used on pregnant or breastfeeding women though, due to the essential oil content.

The treatment takes up to 2 hours and it is a two step procedure. First, a Detox Base, Ultra Slim Gel and Ultra Slim Cream are applied and massaged into the targeted areas. Marion used a special roller on me as well (I must say, it was quite a strong device) to help the ingredients penetrate the skin etc. I was then covered with bio-film and left to relax for about 50 minutes. The products made my skin feel very warm and I almost feel asleep, as I don't get to relax in my everyday life.

The second stage consisted of the film being removed and the Ultra Slim Effect being massaged vigorously into the treated areas, after which you get to relax for 10-20 minutes again, under blankets to keep you nice and warm. This stage made my skin feel nice and cool and I had an intense cooling sensation on my upper arms. It felt strange, but it wasn't unpleasant. You can definitely feel the ingredients working! Once the wrap is removed, you are advised not to shower for 12 hours to let the ingredients work their magic for a longer period of time. There is no residue on the skin, so you won't be left sticky etc. It is also good to exercise right after the treatment, as the calorie burning properties continue to work for 2 hours after your treatment. I chose to do 30 minutes of cardio.

There is no compression or manipulation of the tissues, the film is wrapped around your body loosely and the results are achieved due to the active ingredients contained within the products acting upon the tissue. On average 1-4cm is lost per measured area and my average loss per area was around 3cm, which is AMAZING! My biggest concern was my tummy and it was the area with the highest losses. I also lost 2 cm off each thigh! The way the total loss is calculated is by measuring many different parts of the treated areas, like lower thigh, upper thigh, hips, tummy, under bust, arms etc. It can all add up to an impressive number and sound a bit too optimistic, but... 2-3 cm per area is good enough for me! I also lost 1lb, but it could be due to not eating a lot that day.

The best thing about the treatment - my skin felt much smoother, firmer and looked better in general. Despite being a fattie, I don't actually have a lot of cellulite, but... I just couldn't stop checking out my bum once I got home. Bioslimming draws the fluid out from between the cells, it enhances the production of collagen which helps support the cells, and it increases the peripheral circulation all of which are required to help tackle the appearance of cellulite. I also noticed that the (massive) stretch marks on my tummy look a bit better. Basically, even if you are not looking to lose inches, you will love the effect of the treatment on your skin. I am seriously impressed with the results and I am looking forward to 5 more treatments.

I wish I could add some before and after pictures to show you the difference, but with all the hate bloggers get these days, I am not ready to take a risk and expose myself to more nastiness. You can see a big selection of before and after photos HERE.  Just as I said before, the results after just one Bioslimming treatment are amazing and I would definitely recommend it, if you want to lose inches, reduce cellulite or simply firm, tone and detoxify your skin. It really works and it is pretty affordable, if you get it done in a small spa/clinic like Westfield Complementary Health. You can read more about Bioslimming here and here.

*the treatment was free, my opinion is 100% honest.

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