Things To Do In Winter To Keep Warm And Cosy Inside

During the winter it is time when we need to cosy up and be indoors more. We need to try to keep warm while also dealing with the cost of living crisis which is causing a lot of stress and worry about energy prices. This means a lot of people are trying to keep warm without putting the heating on and trying to make their homes a lot more energy efficient. During the winter time, it is when we invite more hygge elements into our homes and our lives. Hygge is creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. So things like having comfort food on a cold winter's night in front of the fire with your loved ones and
reading books is the way of hygge. There are things you need to do in your home to help keep you warm and cosy. Here are some of the things you can do.

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Check Your Heating And Boiler

When we are in winter, although a lot of people aren’t going to be using them as often, there will still be times

when heating is something we will want to use especially if snow comes. You can check your radiators are running

smoothly by bleeding them, make sure there aren't any leaks and get a specialist in to check your boiler.

If you have had it a while you may need to get it replaced. It is better to be preemptive and get it done before it

breaks so you don’t have it broken in the night or when you need it. The specialist can check it and if it needs

replacing then they can install the boiler for you.  

Get Layers And Blankets

When it is cold and we want to be cosy but want to avoid putting the heating on we can do so by adding

extra layers. You can go for the classic of a snuggly and warm dressing gown or one of the more trendier and

popular ways of being warm at home now is a oodie. An oodie is essentially a big oversized hoodie made of

blanket material, so it is fluffy, warm and very cosy. You also can get some throws and blankets and keep them

all available in your living room in a basket so if you are cold you can grab the same for guests too. 

Don’t Have Your Heating On Everywhere

If you spend most of your time in one room then a cost-effective way to use your heating would be to put the

heating on but turn all of the radiators off except for the one in the room you are in. That way if you have the

door closed then you can trap the heat in that room and be all warm and cosy. The bonus there is that your

bill will be a lot lower as it won’t take as much energy to heat a single room as it does to heat a whole house. 

Eat And Drink Warming Things

During the winter a lot of us opt for more comfort foods but if we can choose comforting foods which are good for us it can help us through the winter as well.

If you are eating healthy then your immune system will be better so you won’t get sick as often.

Comfort foods can be healthy and can help you warm up as well.

You can try things like chicken or sausage casserole and fill it full of healthy and hearty root vegetables.

You could also try mac and cheese but add in some greens like spinach, broccoli or kale.

Another way to stay warm and cosy through the winter is to choose hot drinks.

You can have the most popular choices like tea, coffee and hot chocolate but it doesn’t have to be those

heavy drinks all the time. You can also simply enjoy some hot water with honey and lemon or some fruit teas.

They will keep you warm and be a delicious beverage. 

Use A Hot Water Bottle

Another great way to keep warm during the winter without turning the heating on is by using

hot water bottles, a lot of women use them when it is that time of the month anyway as it alleviates cramps

but it is a great thing to just have and snuggle to keep warm. You can also have it in your bed under the cover

during the night to heat the bed.


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