How To Add Personality To Your Home

It could be that you’re moving into your first ever place and have no idea what sort of theme to go with in your new pad. Or perhaps you’ve lived somewhere a while but it just doesn’t feel like home. No matter why you’re looking to add personality to your home, there are a whole host of ways to do it. Adding personality takes your house from feeling like a showroom to being somewhere that feels nice but also like it’s yours. You don’t want to turn the key to your house or apartment and feel as though you're walking into a hotel. Instead, you want to instantly feel calm, relaxed and happy and know you’re somewhere you don’t want to leave in a hurry. In this article we take a look at some top tips that can help you to inject some personality into your home.

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Why add personality to your home?

There are many reasons you might be looking to add personality into your home. This includes:

  • You want to make it different from other places you’ve stayed and lived

  • You want it to feel that extra bit special

  • When somewhere is yours, you want it to feel that way

  • It helps give it its own personal touch

  • It’s a great way to transform even rental places so they feel more special

  • It doesn’t need to be expensive but can make a huge difference to the way that the space feels and looks too

What are some top ways to add personality to your home?

There are many ways you can add personality to your home, whether you want to do something subtle and reflective, or go all out - the choice is yours. Personality is key and there are so many things you can try including:

Add in knick-knacks and treasures you’ve accumulated over the years

One of the first things you can do to add personality to your home is to add in knick-knacks and treasures you’ve collected over time. It might be you picked these up on holidays or during your travels. Perhaps you like flea markets, or maybe you’ve been gifted things from friends and family members. These are all things that you should add to shelves and display places within your home. Not only will they look great, but items such as this can create a great conversation piece when you have people round!

Look for design inspiration but don’t follow it too rigidly

It’s totally natural to look for design inspiration when you are looking to decorate and accessorise your home. Yet one of the biggest mistakes that people make is just copying the magazine or website design inspiration too rigidly. This can end up with a clinical or generic looking space that doesn’t have a glimpse of you in it. Instead use these images, videos and snippets of advice as a guide point and then play around with them so they reflect more of your own personal style and preference. Soon you’ll find you don’t need to use other sources for inspiration as you will be more aware of your likes, dislikes and what feels right.

Draw in on personal experiences when looking to add your own touch to spaces

When adding a personal touch, think about things you’ve done or liked in other places and use these to add elements to your home. If you recently went to a beautiful public garden, why not add a greenhouse where you can grow your own plants and vegetables and add a beautiful display? You could line up gardening books in the kitchen and have plant to table recipe ideas. Think about countries you’ve travelled to and what inspo you might have picked up there. There’s a whole world of choices and things to draw upon here.

Think about the artwork and adding photos to the walls

Artwork is one of the most personal things you can pick to add to your home and is totally unique to the person purchasing it. Some might like modern art, others classical and what one person might call art, another might not understand at all. Adding artwork is one of the best ways to add a glimpse into how your mind works and what your personality is. As well as artwork, be sure to get plenty of photos printed of you, your family, friends or loved ones. Perhaps frame your wedding or graduation photos. These are all wonderful to look back on and add a dimension to any room in your house too.

Consider the scent you want your home to have

Many people forget about scent when thinking of adding personality to their homes, yet this is a mistake. As with art, scent is very personal to the person, so by finding a scent that works for you, it’s a hint of your personality. You could have a reed diffuser in the entrance hall, a room spray that you spray around the home, candles or even pot pourri, the choice is entirely up to you.

These are just a few of the ways that you can add personality to your home. From the colour scheme, to the items you have displayed on your shelves or in other areas of your house, adding personality to your home doesn’t need to be as difficult as you might imagine. In fact, once you’ve worked to add a bit more personality to your space, you’ll probably wonder just why you didn’t do it sooner! You don’t need to worry about going over the top, just doing something small really can have a huge difference and transform your house from feeling like something from a catalogue, to something that people walk in and instantly feel your presence and know you’ve made it your own. Is this something you’ve done or are looking to do?


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