New Year's Eve Nails- Orly Rage

I have been looking for the perfect rose gold shade all year and I finally found it, thanks to lovely Gemma (aka Miss Makeup Magpie). She blogged about some Orly bargains from Fragrance Direct and I ordered the rose gold shade immediately. It is absolutely beautiful and I chose it as my New Year's Eve nail colour this year. 

If you like the look of Rage by ORLY, you can still buy it from Fragrance Direct for only £3.99. The bottle is huge compared to other nail polishes I own, so you get a lot for your money, especially when you take the original retail price into consideration (£10.95).

If you are trying to stay away from nasty ingredients, you should be ok with Orly's offerings, because they are "3-free", which means that they don't contain Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde. These are the most dangerous nasties in regular nail polishes. There are also "5-free" polishes available on the market with even safer formulas, but "3-free" is good enough for me. Anyway...

Rage is a stunning rose gold colour, with a metallic finish and it reflects light beautifully, making my nails look like they are covered with real rose gold. If you love fancy manicures, 'Rage' would look lovely with a black design on top or with a glitter top coat.

PS. 'Rage' was quite hard to photograph in daylight, but it is a true rose gold  colour :)

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