Home Cleaning: Best Ways To Clean Your Gas Hob

Photo credit: Pexels

Gas hobs are timeless and add a lovely rustic feel to your kitchen. They also heat a lot faster than electric ones, so there are practical reasons to keep them! One of the key problems with a gas hob is figuring out how to clean it. From removing the racks, to trying to get rid of as much grime as possible. 

It's so important to clean your gas hob! Otherwise, there’s a danger that dirt and debris can clog the areas where gas comes through and ignites. This can mean you start burning different substances that may release fumes into the air. Or, there’s the worry of igniting some dirt and sparking a much larger flame than anticipated. 

Rather than dealing with the aftermath and paying for gas fitting repair services, let’s learn the best ways to clean and maintain a gas cooker: 

Soak all removable parts in hot water

Gas hobs have metal racks for placing pots and pans on while cooking. There will also be a little black cover on top of the hob itself, which protects the burner. Both of these parts will get super dirty and greasy, so take them off and soak them in hot water. 

Throw in some normal washing-up liquid and leave to soak for a minimum of 10 minutes. The washing-up liquid soaks into the racks and covers, making it easier for grease to be wiped away with your regular dishwashing tool. After a soak and wipe/scrub, leave these parts on the side to dry. 

Remove as much loose debris as possible

While everything soaks, you can turn your attention to the hob itself. You’ll likely see lots of debris - such as food particles or crumbs - which need to be removed before you start cleaning. 

If you have a small handheld vacuum cleaner, it can be used to hoover things up. Just make sure you only use the attachment for cleaning above-ground surfaces. Don’t use the same attachment you use to vacuum the floor as it’s unsanitary. 

Alternatively, use a cloth to wipe away debris onto the floor, so you can vacuum it this way. 

Wipe your hob with a cleaner of your choice

Now, the hob is ready to be wiped clean. You can use a cleaner of your choice here - it depends on what you’ve got in your cupboards. If you like using antibacterial wipes to do your cleaning, you can use these on the hob. They help cut through grease and remove dirt, leaving you with a sparkling hob. 

You could also use surface cleaning sprays, specific hob cleaning sprays or a cloth soaked in washing-up liquid. The choice is yours, just make sure whatever method you choose gets rid of grease properly.  Wipe down the hob surfaces until they look extra clean, dry and you're done!

Just like that, you’ve got a gorgeous clean gas hob that no longer looks like a toddler had messy play in your kitchen!


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