Season's Cleanings

With Christmas only days away, I am secretly relieved that I am not hosting any guests this festive season. I get myself all worked up and panic and as a self confessed hoarder, I always have a lot of organising to do. The team at Vorwerk asked me to take part in their Season’s Cleanings campaign, designed to reveal the lengths people go to when it comes to impressing guests and I am going to tell you all about my cleaning habits.

I must admit, it doesn't matter who it is, I am always worried about what they will think if they see something they find unacceptable etc. Even when my sisters and mum are visiting, I panic and try to tidy and organise everything I can, so I can welcome them to a lovely, clean home where we can all relax. I put unnecessary pressure on myself and my family tells me I should just relax, but I simply can't. I think we all like having a tidy home when hosting guests though, right? 
 I am not gonna lie, with 2 kids and one of them being an actual tornado child who leaves a trail of destruction everywhere she goes, it takes me much longer to tidy and clean the house. I would say I need about 3 hours to get it to a level of tidiness I like. It's mostly just putting things away, then hoovering, wiping units, floors and cupboard doors etc. The kitchen alone takes me about an hour, if it's a mess.
To me, it doesn't matter who's visiting and for what occasion, I will always spend a lot of time tidying prior to their arrival. I think Christmas is probably the most special time of the year though, so I tend to actually do a proper clear out of unnecessary stuff as well as tidy and clean to get the house looking good.
Haha, that's a good one! I used to be paranoid about having holes in my socks when visiting people, but now I actually very rarely wear socks... I know... I am weird, right? And the only time I worry about smelly feet is when I wear my Adidas Originals all day, as they tend to make my feet a bit smelly... Can't believe I just said that, but hey... We're all human. The real question is? Shoes ON or OFF when your guests arrive. I must admit - with a new gorgeous carpet, I prefer if everyone takes their shoes off. 
 I do all of these before having guests, as it just all builds up so quickly with kids. It's just a never ending cycle that never stops! As mentioned before, the actual tidying up takes up a lot of my time, as the toys tend to make their way downstairs constantly, shoes are thrown around the living room as Mia loves trying them all on and there's always cups and plates around, as she is a little snacker. And we're not tidy and organised in general as a family so I always have a lot of tidying up to do.

The survey also revealed that majority (72%) of us turn to shortcuts to help us keep up our clean and tidy appearances. Top five shortcut clean-up tactics:

1. Hide things in the junk room (29%) 
2. Light a scented candle (17%) 
3. Hide things under the beds (15%) 
4. Hide items in the garage (12%) 
5. Hide things in the dishwasher (8%)

I am guilty of all of these and more! We might not have the 'cupboard of doom' but we have the 'utility room of doom'. Hahaha. It's actually tragic, so I shouldn't be laughing.

Oh my god, now let's  talk about that one time my in-laws arrived unexpectedly, right after Mia decided it was a good idea to empty the contents of all living room units allover the floor. I was also in a t-shirt and a pants. Lovely. I literally panicked and started tidying up with the speed of lightening. I don't know why I care so much. but I do. Although, nothing will beat that time my in-laws arrived in an emergency situation to stay  with Mia as Zac was taken to the hospital and I was still asleep breastfeeding Mia in my bed half naked. Imagine the panic! And then I had to pack stuff to take to the hospital while trying to empty the bathroom bins and hiding my underwear and clothes under the duvet.

Unexpected visitors aside, this year I will have a super chilled festive period and I don't have to get the house extra tidy, so I am just enjoying my Christmas tree and twinkly lights.

Are you calm and collected when it comes to unexpected guests? Or do you panic? Or is your home always tidy, so you don't even have to worry about it? Are you hosting guests this festive season?

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Sandra xxx

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