Our Christmas Eve traditions

Christmas is a magical time in our house. From decorations, festive scents and yummy food, to the atmosphere and little traditions I like to get the kids involved in. One of the most special parts of the celebrations for us is Christmas Eve, as the build up of excitement reaches it's peak level and the kids cannot wait to wake up the next day to find their presents under the tree.

To make Christmas Eve special, I prepare a box of goodies for Zac and Mia each year, with some books, treats, festive socks and lovely new pyjamas. This year we got some gorgeous Disney ones from Avon. I am absolutely loving the quality and the fit. I am just a big kid myself, so these Bambi beauties are right up my street. Zachary adores the BB-8 pj's and Mia looks super cute in the Frozen design. Is there anything better than a fresh pair of brand new pj's to slip into on a cosy evening? 

Actually, there is... Add hot chocolate with marshmallows and fresh cream to that, loads of cuddles from the kids and you have the perfect Christmas Eve. We snuggle on the swivel chair, get some warm blankets, put the fire on, switch gorgeous fairy lights on and spend quality time together, looking at our beautiful Christmas tree, singing songs, being silly and reading new books. Zachary can now read really well, so he takes over sometimes and reads to his little sister. It's adorable and it melts my heart. 

We also do some crafts, drawing, colouring and then finally prepare some treats for Santa and the reindeers to keep the Christmas magic alive! I also do the Elf On The Shelf throughout December and the kids love it. On Christmas Eve we say goodbye to our elves - we have Raisin (a boy) and Cookie (a girl) as they head back to the North Pole till next year. I love this tradition so much!

As I am Polish, a big part of Christmas Eve for me is a traditional Polish supper on the day. I want to make sure the kids know my roots and lovely Polish traditions. We have beetroot soup called 'barszcz' with stuffed dumplings 'uszka' and Skype my family in Poland. I am also doing an epic vegan cheeseboard this year. Yay!

I usually end up wrapping last minute presents when the kids are in bed and get everything set up for the Christmas morning. I do the whole lot - personalised stockings, personalised Santa sacks etc, the advent calendar all month. I just love Christmas! I am so excited for this year, as this is Mia's first proper Christmas, when she will understand everything and get super excited. I cannot wait for the 25th! Eeeeeek!

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year everyone! xxxx

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